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"Nine lives" hair Maoku video footage comedy actor Mr. deduction accomplishment – Sohu entertainment Maoku Mr. Mr. Meng Da Maoku playfully paralysis Maoku Mr. read newspapers Sohu Entertainment News Comedy Film "nine lives" have been identified and will be released in China on September 9th, as the protagonist of the film’s Maoku Mr. has become history’s most popular star who meow this unique personality, base for its circle of countless adorable powder; more recently exposed fans for their voluntary videos in the studio, Mr. Maoku will audition for the NG comedy fragment all secret, this pet meow star in a special seat, standing on its own brand, showing anger high cold gas since Wei; more during filming a second free chowhound, enjoying daily senior chicken treatment. Not only that, the meow star people take up difficult dangerous action is not ambiguous, perfect professional performance captured the hearts of one fans; but in the face of romantic drama are frequently triggered NG, constantly hilarious scene, more let the director headache. The comedy film "nine lives" by Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken, Jennifer – Garner and Robbie – Amer starred in Hollywood star, the film tells the story of being overbearing president actor one day suddenly turned into a spell in a cat as a pet, the home made and made a general turmoil. Series of hilarious slapstick stories. The recent release of the poster, is located in the middle of the cat, "Mr. Maoku" has apparently become the absolute protagonist, popular popular it limelight straight cover other first-line star in the film, won the fans specially edited video footage for the. The video Maoku sits in its own brand with special custom chair, in the face of the audition link seriously, even a face a high cold air love care. Our next Maoku Mr personal demonstration what is called "an expression of ten thousand emotions" superb acting, completely conquered the director directly elected. Successfully become the actor Mr. Maoku immediately began to "Poser": there must be a continuous tribute haute cuisine every day, otherwise the meow meet! Interestingly, Mr Maoku favorite actually is not a fish, but it is chicken, do not take the unusual way! But when the first actor is not white, Mr. Maoku scenes can be said to be very dense, and high difficulty. In this video, Mr. Maoku staged various sports stunts in the studio, high jump, sprint, climbing all the dangerous action, but also no protection, so many fans are distressed, "really scared baby, just know that this year is difficult, did not expect to do more to a meow!" "Good love Mr. Maoku, hope the crew bought insurance for him!" Even users to cast an equally, please request "Maoku Mr. coercion is hanging, thank you!"相关的主题文章: