Ningbo, a family of nine was trapped in the water just rescued the roof collapsed tianbi

Ningbo, a family of nine were trapped in the flood the room was rescued after the collapse of the roof yesterday afternoon, a mobile phone shot rescue video crazy pass in the circle of friends: the depth of nearly one, on the opposite side of the cottage in adults and children trapped, firefighters and police station scene materials, use of rescue rope and the two plastic pipes and put up the life channel. Involved in the rescue of Ningbo Ninghai town police station deputy director Zhang Gaoliang told reporters at the scene of the reduction: 15, 23:50, Ninghai 110 command center received the alarm call, said Xi Dian Zhen Zhu Jia Development Zone residential water is serious, a family of nine people trapped in the room." He told reporters, when there is a lot of rain, he is preparing to place the flashlight and lifejacket, rushed to the village of camphor on duty anti taiwan. After asking the situation, and colleagues rushed to the scene. There are two kilometers away from the incident, the passage encountered obstacles." Zhang Gaoliang said that the police car because of the high barrier rod can not be opened, we can only get off the walk. After the arrival of the scene was found dark, the water came from the opposite side of the child crying. Zhang Gaoliang said so he wanted to find a bamboo pole, but not around, but very lucky to find two 7 meter long plastic pipe. He first explored a deep water, found that the following water is very urgent, people simply unstable. Zhang Gaoliang and his colleagues managed to put the hose on the water pole. As a result, the poles as the support point, the implementation of rescue, but also to ensure that the water is not washed away. In the rescue scene in the video, the child crying people worried, but the water level is more and more high. Rescue workers only in the rope tow, slowly walk into the room, the implementation of the rescue. "The water level is too high, it can not go out at that time." Rescued Lee recalled. More than a year old child is the first to be rescued, Zhang highlighted the child riding on the shoulders, when the water has been to his neck, very dangerous. The children have been struggling because of fear, crying. Under the close cooperation of firefighters and police, the 9 people were eventually rescued. Zhang Gaoliang is scared, just after the rescue, they heard the sound of the roof collapsed. "If a few minutes later, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate."相关的主题文章: