Ningbo enterprises recruit doctoral candidates scanty salary covers

Ningbo 2289 enterprises annual salary to recruit candidates, scanty yesterday, as the 2016 Chinese Zhejiang · a high degree of talent of talents in Ningbo science and Technology Week activities to introduce an open fair held at the International Convention and Exhibition center. The province’s 809 key enterprises and institutions to provide the post of more than 5 thousand, attracting over 10000 college students across the country to apply for, the size of the history of the most. The reporter found in the recruitment meeting in a morning, this year, companies recruit top talent appetite than in previous years, many private enterprises offer two million annual salary, attracting more than one million yuan, also provides research funding, but home applicants scanty. Master degree or above 70%, a lot of people to the "bottom" of less than 9 in the morning at the entrance, 7, hall 8, Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center, on the long queues. Reporters followed the crowds, when fast approaching, received a thick book filled with recruitment of enterprise information guide. Compared with previous years, this year’s open negotiations will have a lot of history of the first set "China 2025 zone", college students invited up to million people, more than 70% master degree graduates. "I didn’t expect it to be so big."." Fang is a graduate student at China Agricultural University, graduating next year. Because itself is the people of Yuyao, major is the study of fluid simulation of water conservancy and hydropower project, she hoped that after leaving the chance for a job in the neighborhood. For the first time to participate in the job fair, she picked up a half black casual dress, less students. "The results of what?" Daily economic news reporter noted that each of the candidates on the manual or the intention of the enterprise, the parties will circle note. But half down, really submit a resume, only two companies — a municipal departments and units, a China manufacturing area 2025 key enterprises. "I don’t feel very well, the former professional a bit biased, the less work experience, may have gone." Although she still lose the first battle, smiled and said: "this time, more is to accumulate experience and mentality very relaxed." Reporters on the scene found that participate in the recruitment of students in the reading of the majority of the students, many people maintain a featured mentality. For example, FOTILE group, joyson group, AUX group, gliclazide biological and other popular enterprise booth, candidates lined up, some prefer a morning only to "bottom". Education, health systems, all kinds of research institutes have become the focus of the focus of job candidates. The annual salary of 200 thousand research funding is not capped, these conditions are still difficult to recruit Dr. researchers hard to find, into many technological enterprises with emotion. A post open recruitment, probably half a year are not available. We do not leave the condition is poor, postdoctoral salary of at least 200 thousand yuan, related research funding is also $3 million, but few candidates." Ningbo Chong Chong Welding Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the personnel of the staff told reporters that as a private enterprise, the company has a fixed R & D team, would like to re expansion. Unfortunately, this year the two foreign recruitment, the company does not have the right candidate. To consult, either professional or academic requirements not Darwin相关的主题文章: