North Carolina for two consecutive quarters of conflict broke out the governor declared a state of

The United States North Carolina for two consecutive nights, the outbreak of the conflict’s governor declared a state of emergency – Sohu news Beijing, September 22,   according to foreign media reports, as a protest against the local police shot and killed a black man, Sherlock, North Carolina for two consecutive nights of violent conflict. North Carolina Governor announced a state of emergency on the evening of 21. McCrory, governor of North Carolina, said, "I declared a state of emergency, and began to send road patrol to assist local law enforcement officers". According to reports, the 21 day, hundreds of people gathered in a downtown hotel to protest, then riot police used tear gas. During the confrontation, a man fell to the ground. It is reported that the evening of 20, Sherlock has been the outbreak of violent demonstrations in black, protesting the police shot a black man. 12 police officers were injured in the clashes and several police cars were damaged. Police said in a statement earlier that the police involved are black. He met with Scott on the afternoon of the search for an escaped prisoner, and saw the gun out of the car, the black police felt threatened by the fire and the fire of the.相关的主题文章: