North Korea urged the United States to consider the situation to give up hostility toward Sohu

North Korea urged the United States to "consider the situation" to give up hostility toward the Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Pyongyang on 19 November, (reporter Guo Yina Lu Rui) KCNA 19 comments, calling on the United States policy toward the situation, abandon its hostile policy toward the DPRK, or "don’t expect to make progress in solving the Korean Peninsula issue". Commented that the recent U.S. media pointed out that North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jeong-eun, through the inspection of front-line forces, once again shows that the determination never abandon nuclear. The United States on the issue of experts and the media agreed that the United States can not be obsessed with the previous hostile policy toward the DPRK, and should adapt to the development of the situation, adjust the policy toward north korea. Comments also quoted former U.S. Defense Secretary Perry had a speech in South korea. Perry said, do not think that North Korea will act in accordance with our wishes, but should look at North Korea truthfully. Now, it is not only dangerous, but also a mistake to take a pre emptive strike against North Korea because it is not clear about the specific location of North Korea’s nuclear facilities and nuclear weapons. For decades, a policy based on the collapse of the North Korean regime has proved to be a failure. Comments that, for decades, the United States continues to deepen toward the policy of aggression and nuclear deterrence, in order to safeguard the sovereignty and the right to live, North Korea among the forefront of owning one nuclear state. The United States is to strengthen the nuclear war provocation, North Korea will accelerate the development of nuclear attack. Comments stressed that in the United States to continue to adopt a hostile policy to threaten the survival of North Korea, North Korea unilaterally abandon the idea of nuclear will not be recognized by anyone". As long as the United States does not give up its hostile policy toward the DPRK, don’t expect to make progress on the settlement of the Korean peninsula. The United States should face up to the trend of caution.相关的主题文章: