Northern British Art By A Celebrated

Arts-and-Entertainment Thirty three years ago the world’s population was three and a half thousand million people. Lowry produced a style of painting that could be recognised from one side of the globe to the other side. L.S.At the age of 88 years, Lowry died after falling ill to pneumonia. He passed into history like the scenes he portrayed. If he was a genius, it appeared to have brought him little joy and less .fort. He was a tall pear-shaped man, living alone, withdrawn, without ostentation, and for years he had tended to .plain about his lack of privacy. He had many callers. When he tired of their .pany he yawned. A Lowry yawn could be prodigious and it was an unmistakable signal: it meant he was ready to return to his solitude. Just before his birthday in November, he emerged from his front door, his feet scuffed in deep whirpools of autumn leaves that had gathered in his drive. He was in no good mood for birthdays. "Talk about it?" he said. "What is thee to say? I’m 88, not 68 you know, and people are still .ing, people, people…" His old house stone built and detatched, is at Mottram in Longdendale, near Stalybridge, Cheshire. To the motorist, the place is just an unmemorable blurr between Manchester and Barnsley. Lowry lived modestly, even frugally, in spite of his success. Without any garden in front of the house; privet grew unkept over the ground floor windows… He often wore a clerical grey suit not in the most pristine condition… When shown an advertisment for one of his prints; "250 beautiful prints of ‘On the sands’ from a guaranteed limited issue of 500. A print signed by the artist L.S.Lowry is a good investment a shows a healthy increase over time…" "Is that what it was all about", he asked "investment.. all art has be.e an investment". he said. A droll man wearing his sadness like a cloak, he could be kind, charming or distant according to the mood. He could give a painting worth £30,000 to an art gallery, then .plain about the government taking his money in taxes. He was harder than he appeared to be at first sight, much more shrewd. He had to be in his early years. Lowry was middle-aged before he achieved any real success. Which is why he .plained. "People should have .e before, that’s when they should have .e. They never came to see me then." He was an only child born in Manchester 1887, his father was an estate agent and his mother a talented musician. They were .fortably off. Lowry’s teacher at Manchester regional college of art painted the indusrial scene and showed him reproductions of the work of the impressionists The two influences were to shape Lowry’s work. He became fascinated by mills and the people worked in them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: