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Obama is less than 3 months away from his next job or an astronaut in the Silicon Valley in October 13th, Pittsburgh, Obama and NASA to experience the simulation of the aircraft. China is less than 3 months old, Obama will step down as president of the United states. About the whereabouts of his retirement, has recently become the focus of media attention. According to U.S. media reports, Obama’s next job is likely to be in Silicon Valley, because his subordinates in the past year, the more than and 10 visit to Silicon Valley, or intended to plan for the future of Obama. More than once the subordinate work in Silicon Valley from politics to business, this is a lot of politicians through the routine". Obama had a lot of subordinates from the government after the resignation of Silicon Valley. For example, he in the 2008 presidential campaign campaign manager, David Plouffe, currently president of · yuho senior vice president and director of strategy; he served as the second president of the White House spokesman Jay · Carney joined Amazon in 2014 after the resignation. Since becoming president for eight years, Obama has accumulated a wide range of contacts in Silicon Valley. 2011 in preparation for re-election campaign, he had dinner at the White House, including apple, Google, YAHOO, Facebook and other 12 Silicon Valley technology business chiefs, hoping to use his power to help him win the election. 13 times in the state banquet, Silicon Valley executives often on the guest list. In addition, in the past period of time, a series of moves Obama also earned him the title of "geek" president. He is the first in the CNN written document pushing the U.S. Mars program, said the government and enterprises should work together, in 2030 before sending people to mars. He also served as a guest editor for the issue of the Journal of science and technology, to encourage Silicon Valley to address inequality and civic engagement. "I would be surprised if he didn’t spend a lot of time and energy to combine the resources, ideas and abilities he had learned in Silicon Valley with what he was going to choose." "New York Times" led the British company founder Reid · quoted Hoffman as saying. Even if the work can ensure food in fact, Obama even after leaving what do not do can guarantee food. According to the "1958 by the outgoing President Bill", the president of the United States after retirement will enjoy these benefits: $200 thousand a year, the pension office and one staff, equipped with the secret service life protection, Presidential Library and funeral etc.. In addition, according to the plan, from 30 days before departure to departure after sixth months, a total of 7 months, the outgoing president and the vice president can get no more than $1 million 500 thousand to help them after a business, the transition to civilian life. In addition, a book, speech can bring huge revenue to Obama. Was elected president in 2009, his autobiographical memoir "dreams from my father" and "the audacity of hope" brought him $about 5000000 in royalties. According to U.S. media reports, Obama has made contact with a publishing group, after leaving office will write a non fiction literature. As for the speech, Obama can refer to Mr. and Mrs. Clinton. According to Hilary’s campaign team revealed that the two people in the United States, and Clinton had earned at least $in 16 months相关的主题文章: