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Official confirmation! HUAWEI Mate 9 Kirin first no doubt no doubt – Sohu digital [mobile china news] has always been a major aspect of HUAWEI’s flagship, which is in the previous HUAWEI Mate 8 and HUAWEI P9. Recently, HUAWEI announced that it will release a new generation of flagship product HUAWEI Mate 9 in Beijing, Germany on November 3rd at 20:00 time in Munich. On the machine, the first Unicorn 960 rumors have long been officially confirmed. Recently, HUAWEI official on the overseas social platform twitter released a short video of a unicorn 960, claiming that its CPU performance compared to Kirin to enhance the performance of 18%, GPU performance increased by 180%. Then, kylin 960 has been released for some time, now in the Mate 9 preheating stage again extravaganza, obviously is to give HUAWEI Mate 9 back. In addition, the recent attention of the official HUAWEI dynamic users should know, A Step Ahead (one step ahead) is the HUAWEI Mmate 9 preheat exclusive topic, which means no need to say. In addition to Kirin 960, rumored HUAWEI Mate will also be equipped with the new generation of Leica dual lens, there are direct and curved surface of the two versions, the highest price will break through the $8000, the rhythm of the God of the!相关的主题文章: