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Software Offshore software development .panies help corporations in developed markets to experience significant cost savings without .promising on the quality of the output. In todays globalized economy; .panies have adopted a global outlook and find it prudent to get their processes managed from places where it can be done at the lowest cost with a similar degree. Offshore software development .panies have gained immensely from this paradigm shift in the global business environment. Services offered by offshore software development .panies allow the parent .panies to concentrate on their core business processes and business development rather than wasting time in maintaining their business processes. Corporations also save on cost by doing away with hassle of hiring expensive knowledge workers. The same tasks can be performed by programmers in low cost locations with a better quality of output. While choosing an offshore software development vendor; .panies have to make several choices. Labor cost is not the only parameter by which they evaluate vendors. The choice of technology used by a vendor, his experience in cutting-edge technologies, and the ability to provide a superior degree of customer service are some of the factors that are foremost on the minds of organizations who are contemplating to outsource. After evaluating vendors on these parameters, do they zero in on a vendor who .plements the organization perfectly. Not only lower cost but also the availability of resources is also higher in low cost destinations where most of these offshore software development .panies are based. By outsourcing their business processes, .panies to some extent mitigate their risk also as the responsibility for maintaining critical business applications is shared. Being located in a different time zone helps offshore development .panies to act faster than vendors in home countries. By the time, a vendor in a home country would begin working on his clients problem; the offshore vendor would have .e up with his solution. Nowadays, offshore development .panies have started offering platform independent solutions using the open source framework. By leveraging the power of the open source platform, offshore software development .panies have kept their costs down leading to the delivery of low cost IT solutions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: