On September 18th -19, Xiamen’s implementation of the single motor vehicle limit line 3344111

On September 18th -19, Xiamen’s implementation of the single motor vehicle limit line Xiamen network news (reporter Zhang) fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" caused a serious impact on our city, many roads and ancillary facilities damaged, road capacity dropped significantly. In order to ensure the road traffic safety, orderly and smooth, speed up reconstruction, Xiamen Traffic Management Bureau decided that from September 18th to September 19th in the lake area, Siming to take temporary measures to restrict access single motor vehicle. In September 18th 7 pm to 21 PM, no tail number (refer to a Arabia license plate plate final numbers, the same below) is an odd number of small passenger car (including small, mini passenger car, the same below) on the road, allowing the car tail number is even on the road; in September 19th 7 pm to 21 PM, no passenger car tail number even on the road, allowing small passenger car tail number is an odd number of on the road. Special vehicles to perform tasks (police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles), taxi not danshuanghao restrictions on travel. The truck on the road should abide by the "Xiamen Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau on Siming, Huli district and part of bridge and tunnel road truck traffic restriction notice" (Xiamen bus pipe 2015 No. 32). After taking part in the reconstruction work of the truck, the relevant administrative departments of the city or the District People’s government confirmed and reported to the public security traffic management department, not restricted by the "notice". For violation of the provisions of restricted access on road vehicles, the traffic control department of the public security organs will be based on the "Xiamen special economic zone of the road traffic safety regulations" provisions of article forty-seventh of the third paragraph shall be punished. Post disaster reconstruction is the focus of our current work. Please understand the majority of motor vehicle drivers, support limit line measures to reduce vehicle travel, to promote a total of vehicles, bus travel, to protect the smooth road, for an early resumption of normal life order.相关的主题文章: