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On the red carpet in Venice Xinai scene that steal the spotlight: I’m not ashamed Jing Ke Ke and director of media interviews Tencent entertainment news (text Mao Sui Xi gantou) to become the focus of attention at the Venice Film Festival every year, each to debut film and film crew are trying to achieve the propaganda task KPI. But this year the Venice red carpet actress Jing Ke to fall to a spotlight. The September 1st Venice Film Festival, Chinese film "red carpet" in which you cast King Ke wore a dark green dress fishtail dress, when she was walking in the beautiful red carpet, a careless heel twist to the feet, Jing Ke plop kneeling on the spot, more surprisingly, fall out of the bag fell out of a pump! Online voice suddenly exploded: play diving! Jing Ke why with humalastor red carpet! Lose the face of the Chinese people! The sound is wrapped in the more, one day later, the crew sit still, Jing Ke appeared to respond to the controversial issue of active users. When the reduction was falling when Jing Ke appears very anxious: "I was ignorant, suddenly didn’t know what to do. My face is burning." For diving said, she is also very wronged: I usually wear flat shoes, not wearing high-heeled shoes, no make-up, very casual, occasionally a wearing 15 cm high heels, really nervous." Venice red carpet actress China fell, fell out of a breast pump director talked about this matter is very excited, "I took a look at micro-blog, a lot of people are saying, but this has happened, who is not willing to. China movie on such a big stage there is a face. We are bombarded in said pump. I think the pump very great, when every mother who will have this experience. I told Jing Ke don’t care too much about everybody, like you are rub the red carpet, you are diving and so on, actually I want to say, in addition to the film festival main competition finalists of the movie, we are in the form of guests come, including Yu Chi (Zhang Yuqi) is as like as two peas." On the Internet more and more criticism of the voice, he also please don’t say "how much of the criticism you lost Chinese face": "I want to say we are not lost Chinese face, but we want to take this movie to 2016 Chinese film feed, really want to do a crime type of movie. Let’s see if we have a movie like this." The conference final, for everyone widely discussed "why throw pump", Jing Ke explained that as a mother, she often milk: "this is a great thing. Anyone who has been a mother should know. I don’t think it is a shame, but in such a gorgeous stage should not be such a thing, but since it appeared, I still hope to have a positive voice, a positive voice encouraged me."相关的主题文章: