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Guangdong family planning service online service system on-line birth certificate can access for work hard, work slow, complicated work…… At the grassroots level to handle planning matters has been people Tucao, this situation will change. Figure for the happy family of four. Today, born two children also means to go through a lot of documents, fortunately now Guangzhou planning for business is expected to become more convenient, on the line after the full population information system in Guangdong Province, more and more family planning matters can apply online. Xinhua News Agency reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission was informed that the Guangdong family service online business system officially launched operation, and for all kinds of birth certificate, even required approval procedures, can be at home for the internet. The Guangzhou Daily reporter He Xuehua correspondent Yue Weixin   work convenience "timetable" — on the Internet more and more things you can do now can do three operations according to the province’s family planning services online service system construction plan, the first phase has been on-line registration and approval of family, family planning certificate for three business. Next year also added several kinds of service will be launched next year to apply for the support of family planning incentives and query, "one-child parents honor certificate", go through the "national floating population" services for electronic marriage and child rearing permit projects. The future has launched Guangdong personal web page management system of new business to be unified, the system will also provide family planning services and electronic license, electronic health records query function. In January next year, WeChat family services platform will open to the public, to handle relevant issues through the intelligent mobile phone and handheld terminal. At present, people have to stay at home, using a web browser at home to apply for all kinds of proof of family planning and birth registration, examination and approval procedures. According to the requirements in the online application, the public will receive SMS notification, then can go to any home away from the nearest street (township). Family planning window to receive approval results or proof of paper. Whether to submit the relevant certificate photos or signed the "undertaking", can be completed on the internet. The previous work of the "big four" before work slow and complicated, the main card at the things inside and outside the network linkage, causing the masses about the "outer circle" and the "internal circulation". To reverse this situation, the need of family planning services allow the public masses to online bidding, government departments to verify the material. Boduantui before, do family planning documents to apply for a child, and two child birth registration, at least need to run 6 times, cover 6 chapter. No time to rest before your birth of the window to rest, to work only for leave, during the day time. Call back before because the guide is not clear, the province around the application materials are not unified, easy to work "fight back": "this proves not to open a" "this mistake, re fill"…… A copy before, through the married children of people will find that for each different business, in the repeated submission of documents, such as marriage certificate, identity card, residence booklet. Many people even prepare in advance a 6 粤生育服务网上办事系统上线 计生证明可上网办理   办事难、办事慢、办事繁……在基层办理计生事宜一直被市民吐槽,这一情况未来将获得改变。   图为幸福的四口之家。如今,生二孩也意味着要办理许多证件,所幸的是现在广州计生业务的办理有望变得更加便捷,在广东省全员人口信息系统上线之后,越来越多计生事项能网上办理。新华社发   记者从省卫生计生委获悉,广东生育服务网上办事系统正式上线运行,从此办理各类计生证明,甚至需审批的手续,都可安坐家中上网办理。   文 广州日报记者何雪华 通讯员粤卫信   办事便利“时间表”――越来越多事在网上就能办成   现在就能办三类业务   按照全省生育服务网上办事系统建设规划,第一期已上线生育登记与审批、计划生育证明申领等三大业务。   明年还新增几类业务   明年将陆续上线计划生育奖励扶助申领和查询、《独生子女父母光荣证》补办、《国家流动人口电子婚育证明》申领等办事办证项目。   未来陆续有新的业务   待全省统一的广东市民个人网页管理系统上线后,系统还将提供计划生育电子证照服务,以及居民电子健康档案查询功能。   明年1月,微信生育服务办事平台将开通,让市民通过智能手机和手持终端办理相关事务。   目前,市民群众已经可以足不出户,利用网页浏览器在家申请办理各类计划生育证明和生育登记、审批手续。   按要求在网上申请后,市民会收到短信通知,之后可以到离家最近的任何一家街道(乡镇)计生办事窗口领取审批结果或纸质证明。无论是提交相关证明照片还是签署《承诺书》,都可以在互联网上完成。   以前办事“四大难”   以前办事慢又繁,主要卡在了内外办事网络不联动,造成了群众奔波的“外循环”和政务内部“内循环”。而扭转这一局面,需要全省计生服务允许市民群众先网上申办,政务部门核实材料。   跑断腿   以前,办计划生育证件申领、一孩和二孩生育登记,最少需要跑6次,盖6个章。   没时间   以前你休息了计生窗口也休息,要办事只能请假,在工作日时间办理。   打回头   以前因为办事指南不清晰,省内各地申报材料不统一,办事容易被“打回头”:“这个证明不行,重新开一个”“这个表格填错了,重新填写”……   狂复印   以前,走过成家立室生孩子过程的人都会发现,每次办理不同的业务,都在重复提交证件,比如结婚证、身份证、户口本。不少市民甚至提前准备一堆这些证件的复印件……   现在办事“四大好”   现在,在广东省全员人口信息系统的支撑下,不仅可在网上重复使用申办人信息,进行辅助校验、自动填充,还能协同审批。该系统也成了广东省第一个面向全省居民提供全流程网上办事的信息平台。   现在,则只需要网上申报登录“广东省生育服务网上办事系统”,按要求申办,仅领证的时候需要出一次门到计生办窗口领证明。   现在,则是随时随地网上申办,可谓“7天×24小时,不打烊”。   现在,网上办理计生事宜,全省有了统一的办事流程和办理条件,只要在网上,按指引填表申办,填错了还会即时有错误提示,可以少填少报,步步清楚。   现在,网上申办不同的业务,你只要一次性提交结婚证、身份证、户口本三大证件到计生网办系统,系统就“记住”你了,以后不用重复提交。 责任编辑: GDN006相关的主题文章: