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Over the nursing home! Look at the thirty years of the youngest AC Milan AC Milan youth storm sina sports people said AC Milan only a short while ago, often and "old" and "old" such words together. In 6, 7 years ago, the Rossoneri is indeed the case, then the team missed the best time to shake, many meritorious veteran team to stay, let AC Milan into Serie A and the whole of Europe’s oldest team. But things are quite different now. With the change of the concept of the fine tradition of the club, the Rossoneri regain youth, also in the two season results. In recent seasons, Berlusconi is committed to creating a younger AC Milan, and now the goal has been slowly realized. AC so young Milan "Milan sports newspaper" said, in the fifth round of Serie A match with Lazio AC in Milan, the average age of AC Milan player to play only 24 years 11 months, the starting line-up of Donna Roumat is only 17 years old, 19 year old David Calabria, Rome gnoli 21 years old, 21 years old 22 years old Niang, Suso five, players who are under the age of 23, substitute Locatelli is only 18 years old. You know, AC Milan time a young lineup dates back to the 200203 season, when the team against Piacenza, the average age of players is 23 years and 5 months, but Ancelotti was in order to prepare for the Champions League final and all the main rotation sent many young. In essence, and the battle of the Rossoneri Lazio age data is more convincing. The young like this is not AC Milan League this season before the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, the five round, the average age of the Rossoneri players for 25 years and 10 months, this is Berlusconi in the team of the San siro. If you want to find out more young Rossoneri squad has to go back to the 198586 season, the average age of the team lidholm is 25 years old 3 months. On the basis of the future, with the pain to usher in the Renaissance, AC Milan has the youngest and most potential European defense line, may need to pay tuition time, but insisted there will be harvest. AC youth storm Milan has been on their own path. (LK)相关的主题文章: