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Overseas research: Germany Sweden as the world’s most affordable "abroad British newspaper" independent "reported on September 21st, recently 2016 year to 2017 times higher education world university rankings, University of Oxford ranked first. Travel FAIRFX currency exchange company to do a survey of the top 200 universities in Germany and Sweden, results show that the cost of learning is lowest in two countries, including tuition fees, the total cost for a year in the amount of 6700 pounds (about 58 thousand yuan). Tuition fees in the UK in 9000 pounds (about $78 thousand), the average cost of living for 9200 pounds (about $80 thousand). Survey shows that the United Kingdom is one of the world’s most expensive countries to study abroad. The universities in the world top 200 list, a total of 33 college tuition, tuition or less than 500 pounds ($4352) a year. Of these, 47 have a college tuition of less than $1000 ($8704). The low cost of studying abroad is third, followed by Finland. Tuition is about 6948 pounds (about $60 thousand), a year living expenses at 7313 pounds ($64 thousand). If a single school itself, global learning university in Italy is the lowest cost of the Santa Ana higher schools and higher normal school pizza. These two schools not only implement the tuition, but also for the excellent candidates also provide free accommodation for preferential treatment. The global minimum cost 10 foreign universities: Italy higher normal school tuition free pizza at Italy high school tuition free tuition at Royal Institutet of Technology Dresden University Technology in Germany cost 346 pounds ($3011) in South Africa, University of Witwatersrand tuition fees of 4392 pounds (38 thousand yuan) Germany University of Bonn tuition 231 pounds (2010 yuan) tuition in the University of Muenster in Germany for 408 pounds ($3551) Free University Berlin tuition 518 pounds ($4509) from Wuerzburg University in Germany for 177 pounds ($1540) of free tuition for the Aarhus University in Denmark相关的主题文章: