Parents in the classroom before the mother will not say 23 words adobe gamma

Parents in the classroom before the mother will not say 23 words to observe the changes of the times, not necessarily to see some big events. Mom’s chatter is often considered the smallest fragments, not fresh, are decades old, for example, to be polite to be careful ah, ah, ah, but if not of two minds, we usually put children and say, make a comparison with my mother told us nagging then, you will easily find that changes are taking place quietly. These changes, study carefully, you will find here reflects the development of economy, science and technology, the status of men and women in marriage and motherhood in the women’s game changes. A careful mother Christie Tate recently began to pay attention to what he said to the child, she found that more than half of the content with his mother had said almost. "When I was a kid, every time I came back from the party, my mom asked me," are you polite today? " On the way home from school, her line was, ‘what’s new today?’ Now, over the past 30 years, I have often asked my children the same questions." But, she found another thing, that is, "I talk to the child the other half of the content, but my mother never said. There are a lot of questions that she has never and never asked me." Christie lists a list of topics that moms and children nag at this time. She was surprised at two things. First, science and technology have a significant impact on the way women raise their children. Second, these problems show that in twenty-first Century, women, compared with the previous century in the 70s, in marriage is indeed more equal treatment, and have more freedom. Here is a list of topics that only mothers now have to say. To see if you usually will be chatting with the child? 1, baby, do you just do it again? I want to shoot down the circle of friends. 2, your classmate’s mother also pay attention to my micro-blog! 3, help me take a look at this picture, in the sun pictures, with chrome or nostalgic editing is better? 4, Uber can be placed under our seat? 5, see my Fitbit bracelet? Can’t find it at once. 6, baby, come with me to the ballet, we can match to see who dance well? 7, come and borrow your iPhone6 charger. 8, I’m going to do beauty on Monday, let your father shuttle. 9, yo, Dad doing what dish smells great! Look at your dad. 10, before the rain stopped, would like to play in the house for a while Pinterest puzzle? 11, can not play with the phone? Again, your mobile phone will be confiscated! 12, the belly meat how so much! Help me look at the body fat scale index is how much? 20161024 1435917.jpg 13, today I have done too many yoga under the dog pass相关的主题文章: