Parents self indulgent ten kinds of spoiling a child’s life demonophobia

Ten kinds of self harm children’s parents doting parents know the life is not to spoil their children, not only to help children grow, but will play a bad influence, but most parents couldn’t tell what is spoiled, more do not understand their own to educate their children. If there are spoiled. Spoil is a kind of loss of reason, the direct destruction of children’s physical and mental health love. The special treatment status of 1 children in a cut above others in the family, always enjoy special care, such as eat food independence and good food put in front of him to enjoy for him; "only child", but grandparents can be the birthday child’s birthday gift to buy a big cake…… This will make the children feel special, habits will become selfish, a cut above others, no compassion, do not care about others. 2 pay attention to a family all the time to take care of him, accompanied him. The Chinese Lunar New Year, friends and relatives to coax out laughing is funny, sometimes adults to sit in a circle surrounded him in the center, once again welcome the child performances, applause. Such children will think of themselves as the center, really become a "little sun". The family all around him, and no peace day and night, attention is extremely fragmented, "renlaifeng" is particularly serious, and even the guests to the downtown can not talk. 3 easy to meet what the child wants to give. Some parents give children and pupils a lot of pocket money, so that the child’s satisfaction is easier to achieve. This child is bound to develop not cherish the goods, pay attention to material comforts, waste of money and do not care about other people’s character, and no patience and hardship spirit. 4 life is slack to allow children to daily life, learn to play without rules, do what you want, do not eat, sleep, daytime lazing, night watching TV at night. Such children grow up to lack of ambition, curiosity, a restless work youshiwuzhong, muddle along. 5 pray for children to beg for example side to side to eat and sleep, the children promised to tell 3 stories to dinner. The child’s psychology is, the more you begged him, the more he kittenish, not only can not distinguish between right and wrong, cultivate a sense of responsibility and liberal and dignified personality, and the prestige of education is lost. Today’s topic: do you usually strict demands on children? Give your views to our WeChat public number Q pioneer treasure "in the background, a chance to win attractive gifts ~ 6 acting on their behalf I asked some mother or child labor requirements, some have said:" I have no time to pain, but also let the child labor?" Some say: "call ‘little things’ do more trouble, not as I do for him." So the three or four year old children to feed, can not dress, five or six year old children don’t do any housework, do not know how the pleasure of labor will help reduce the burden on parents, so they will lose a hard-working, kind-hearted, compassionate child. This is not sensational. 7 make a fuss, "newborn calves are not afraid of tigers", children are not afraid of water, not afraid of black, not afraid of wrestling, not afraid of pain. After his wrestling often make no reply to continue to climb up. Later, why some children timid cry? It is often caused by parents and grandparents, children suffering from symptoms of panic.相关的主题文章: