Pay attention to students’ Career Planning — the sixty-fifth talk into the Yangtze middle school

Pay attention to students’ Career Planning — the sixty-fifth "talk" into the Suiyuan Yangtze middle school the night of October 25th, sixty-fifth "talk" into the Suiyuan Yangtze middle school affiliated to Nanjing Normal University, the study theme is a focus on career planning of students. Qi Xuehong professor at the Nanjing Normal University College of education science to attend the activities of the guests, Nanjing Yin Xiangjiang the first leader of moral education teacher, teaching the history of Ping sung Chemical Industry Park chief, Yangtze middle school student guidance department director Wei Dashan, from the city’s nearly 70 workers of moral education. The history of Chemical Industry Park as the section chief of the activities of the host, warm-up game by occupation Island, all free combination is divided into six groups, between students aims to narrow the psychological distance and explore their own occupation interest. In part one, we through a set of data to understand the present situation of the current social hot issues in career planning, career planning, such as the beginning of the best age of career planning, career planning is the main concern of the students who, in the form of group fierce discussion, each group sent a representative to show their wisdom. In the second part, the history of the chief concerns career planning strategies for students, teachers speak freely, with their own education case, illustrated his point of view, in the process of some fierce debate, the venue does not stop the collision sparks of wisdom, is a moral feast. The director of the Yangtze middle school students Feng Yaoqiong combined with their own situation, expressing the unique opinion to the students’ career planning. The Chen Yun high school teacher for the past three years the experience, a detailed account of the specific strategies within three years of planning and encourage students eye-opening, so that the presence of teachers. Part three Yin Xiangjiang Nanjing moral education teacher of the first leader of the theme of the event summary. Finally the teacher Professor Qi comment, she said, focus on career planning of students, we should try our best to make students understand the various sectors of society, respect for each occupation, understand the fear of life, love life.

关注学生生涯规划——第65期《随园夜话》走进扬子中学   10月25日晚,第65期《随园夜话》走进南京师范大学附属扬子中学,此次研讨的主题是关注学生生涯规划。出席本次活动的嘉宾有南京师范大学教育科学学院齐学红教授,南京首届德育学科带头人尹湘江老师,化工园区教学科史炳松科长,扬子中学学生指导部韦大山主任以及来自全市近70名德育工作者。   化工园区史科长担任本次活动的主持人,通过职业岛热身游戏,大家自由组合分成六小组,旨在拉近学员之间的心理距离和探索自身职业兴趣。在环节一中,大家通过一组数据了解了当前社会生涯规划的现状,针对生涯规划的热点问题,比如开始生涯规划的最佳年龄,关注学生生涯规划的主体是谁等等,以小组的形式展开激烈的讨论,每小组派一名代表展示他们的智慧成果。在第二个环节,史科长提出关注学生生涯规划的策略,各位老师畅所欲言,结合自身教育案例,图文并茂地展示自己的观点,过程中不乏一些激烈的辩论,整个会场不停地碰撞出智慧的火花,可谓一场德育的盛宴。其中扬子中学冯瑶琼主任结合自己学生的情况,表达了对学生生涯规划独特的见解。扬子中学陈云老师针对自己刚刚过去的三年班主任经历,详细讲述了三年内规划和激励学生的具体策略,让在场的老师们大开眼界。   环节三南京首届德育学科带头人尹湘江老师对此次活动的主题进行总结。最后南师大齐教授点评,她说,关注学生生涯规划,我们要尽可能让学生积极了解社会的各个行业,尊重每个职业,懂得敬畏生命,热爱生命。相关的主题文章: