Peake laughed at by satirical Real Madrid! Warships ignoring Ramos – Sohu won the lottery and

Peake laughed at by satirical Real Madrid! Warships ignoring Ramos – Sohu won the lottery + Peake at Real Madrid sports satire! By Peake is now a title battleship draw Barcelona locker room indoor very right and now Real Madrid players, Barcelona Tiewei attack has become accustomed to seeing Stone. The new Spanish season has begun, Peake is a satire against Real Madrid last season Champions League signed good draw Yun won the championship. Peake answered questions fans in the social networking platform, when asked in the future expect Barcelona into what kind of a group, Peake said: "the first to have a relaxed group, then the knockout has met third Serie A, eighth in the Bundesliga and fourth Premiership match, the process is the first passenger. This will advance to the finals." Peake is clearly in the irony of Real Madrid last season in the Champions League race benefit, group phase against Paris Saint Germain, Donetsk miners and Malmo, in the smooth round after successively pumping in the Rome, Wolfsburg and Manchester City, and is the first passenger, eventually scored all the way to Milan, in 120 minutes, a penalty shootout victory over Atletico win. In fact, Peake attack Real Madrid has become Stone used to see things, the first goal is to return to Barcelona after he scored in the 2008-2009 League 6-2 kuangtu Real Madrid, when Peake grabbed his Barcelona Jersey in Bernabeu rush. But after the 2010-2011 season, Barcelona 5-0 sweep of Real Madrid, Peake flashed out five fingers of irony Real Madrid scored 5 goals, this is the famous Five Fingers Group, also known as small. Challenges of the 2013 Elche, C Ronaldo last moment with Pepe made a controversial penalty, complete lore, Peake issued a satirical Real Madrid team are actors. 2014-2015 season, Real Madrid turned from All is void four trophies, the turning point is the league’s 0-4 Ma Jing kuangtu game, then defeat after C Ronaldo did not forget to hold a birthday party, at the time of the MC is singer Iordan, Peake in the end of the season when the three crown ceremony straight said: "everything is you from the start thank you, Iordan." And last season won the European Super Cup champion, Peake at Real Madrid bastard, also clamored came to him to look at the XX." While Real Madrid also has many people criticize Peake, Arbeloa against Barcelona Tiewei, satirized by Peake is a cone training on the pitch, to only stand as decoration. The answer questions on twitter, Peake is often ignored at their Ramos, thanks to the many defensive partner, Peake mentioned Mascherano, Puyol, Milito, Marcos, Gaby Nemanja and Ferdinand, his national team partner ignored. (Bourbon)相关的主题文章: