Peking Opera cat second chapter heavy return Chinese wind poster screen September (video)

The second chapter "Peking Opera cat" heavy back wind screen China poster burning September Peking Opera cat _20 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch the "Peking Opera cat" the first season of Tencent entertainment news by Beijing bright star culture development limited company produced the "Peking Opera cat" the first quarter of the second chapter is of concern since the official release the new version of the poster. It is reported that the "Peking Opera" the cat will at 20:10 on September 26th officially landed in Beijing satellite TV Kaku, the opera "cat" with new works heavy return wonderful spectacle not to be missed. "Four cat dragons" dominate the autumn still losing standards in the new version of the poster "version of the main visual poster opera cat" exposure, first appeared in the legend China miraculous animal – dragon, as one of the twelve signs of the most representative Chinese, the dragon is often used as Zheng Xiangrui, Shen yong. The main character of sugar, Wu Song, Philip, Xiaoqing four protagonists in the continuation of the first chapter of the characters, the four domineering attitude prone dragons soar in the soil over the return of the cat. In addition, the poster in the upper left corner of the Peking Opera cat logo let the whole poster is full of rich Chinese wind, the lower right corner of the screen in September heavy return to the eight character indicates that Peking Opera cat heavy return. Not only that, in addition to the main view of the poster, and hand in hand, and the cat bit suzerain Zong Simon 6 pupil pupil character posters have been exposed. Based on the continuation of exquisite style, "Peking Opera cat" chapter second new posters showing a more complex relationship between the characters, the picture is more of a story. The difficulty of upgrading the quality of the series of blood plot long unabated "Peking Opera cat" is still a continuation of the first chapter of the second chapter is the first chapter of the story plot of blood, compared to more compact and P. Guardian cat soil, twelve cases still save the main axis throughout the play, once again set foot on the journey, the star Robin buddies still A fighting spirit soars aloft. With the increasingly powerful monster, save the difficulty coefficient of twelve cases, the guardian cat it straight up the soil, in the face of increasingly complex living environment, is the situation with Peking Opera cats. From save the eye cases, the harvest of friendship to star Robin appears a crisis of confidence, from the first face of an appearance to play, from the dark soil to be the hero save the cat monster invasion control, star Robin along the way a crisis, but as long as there is a firm belief in faith will always make their success "continue to move forward. "Peking Opera cat" in the content of the second chapter in addition to many highlights, have also been upgraded in length, the second chapter long episodes 40 back to the story presented more compact and exquisite style is still throughout the whole drama highlights, and cleverly implanted Chinese in the inheritance of the traditional culture and China culture ". Peking Opera cat" chapter second still does not reduce the skill. "Peking Opera" the cat is Guoneishoubu will combine elements of Peking Opera and animation of the original animation IP, it set a ratings miracle since the first season aired since the first chapter, the "Peking Opera cat" to bring the new heavy back, Beijing satellite TV Kaku on the evening of September 26th at 20:10 the first national broadcast, will be more wonderful.相关的主题文章: