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Phone fraud exposes deception flowchart: buy the key – personal information in new network telecommunications fraud is a type of fraud involving all the non contact type is a fraud, with a great social harm, there is a growing trend in recent years. Recently, the Nanfang Daily reporter learned from the Guangzhou intermediate people’s court and the Guangzhou grassroots courts interviewed, the last 5 years, the Guangzhou court trial involving more than 20 telephone fraud cases. Through the analysis of telephone fraud judgment, the judge summed up several types of telephone fraud, and analyzed. Nanfang Daily reporter Liu Guannan tried all the key processes of exposing fraud fraud Guangzhou public late old suffered telephone fraud, cheated 100 thousand yuan, after Zhuhai city police Yuan Yuan 3 people arrested. After investigation, this is a headquartered in Indonesia transnational fraud gangs and criminals involved hundreds of people fled, and between a number of criminal gangs. Some criminals have been arrested or convicted, many people are still at large. Recently, in the case of the trial, the defendant yuan source detailed confession in the whole process of deception and fraud gang. According to his confession, 2011, Mao Mouyi, Lu Mingfu, Luo Moujia, Mao moujia (are handled separately) and Chen Hao (handled separately) in Indonesia established telecommunications fraud gangs and others gathered to Indonesia in the telecommunications fraud. Yuan Yuan and Zhao Moujia joined the gang in 2012. Yuan Yuan said there are several key points of telephone fraud. One is through to Zhang Moujia (handled separately) on loan platform, change the number of telephone lines. The two is to Lin (handled separately) to buy the information. Yuan source admitted that buy personal information, which is the most critical of the ring, said members of the gang selling other people’s information". Three is to have a "car", namely withdrawals and transfer of money. According to the investigation, not a lot of car dealers, only to participate in the gang of criminals on the phone to hundreds of people. The gang posing as domestic public security staff, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hunan, call Yunnan, Sichuan, Beijing, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shanxi and other places of the telephone, the implementation of large-scale fraud. Yuan Yuan confessed to the defendant, who is the main part of the fraud and the management of the hands of the gang. Gang fraud has three lines". Front-line staff posing as public security organs staff or social security bureau, Health Bureau, Public Security Bureau officers posing as second tier mainland, the three line is posing as a prosecutor, the victim suspected of drug trafficking, money laundering, economic crime and other reasons intimidate and threaten, trick each turn money to the so-called security account, and then turn the money away a wage of 5000 yuan, plus 5% commission we first month, second and three lines have no basic salary 7%-9% Commission, the victim to send money to the so-called "security accounts", from "car dealers in Taiwan or overseas cash, deduct 9% of the fee, and then transferred to the Gang main personnel account. Defendant yuan claiming to defraud about five million yuan, profit of $34 thousand, the company members of the airline ticket and visa is responsible for. Recently, Zhuhai city Xiangzhou District People’s court hearing the case that the defendant Yuan Yuan and others for the purpose of illegal possession, together with others, by phone, cross mountain相关的主题文章: