Pingdingshan, a pregnant woman and her daughter out of a car accident in a car accident (video)

Pingdingshan and the daughter of a pregnant woman to go out for a walk in a car accident car accident escape [Abstract]9 the evening of Sept. 22, Pingdingshan 8 months pregnant pregnant women and their 6 year old daughter to go out for a walk, hit after she died. After the incident, the car escaped. In late September 22nd 8, an ambulance and a road from Dongping, crossing the whistle, the scene of the accident will be a 8 months pregnant woman and her 6 year old daughter sent to the first people’s hospital. Unfortunately, despite the rescue of medical staff, pregnant women and their daughters or declared dead. A car accident claimed three lives! Yesterday morning, reporters at the city hospital emergency department learned that September 22nd night at 8:19, Ma was pregnant women into the resuscitation room, his family said she has been pregnant for more than 8 months, a car accident coma for half an hour. At that time, Ma lost consciousness, pale, shallow breathing, head pillow injury depression. Medical staff immediately launched rescue, but until 11:15 that night, Ma declared no cure. Involved in the rescue of a doctor told reporters that pregnant women just sent, has not heard the heartbeat of the fetus. Ma’s 6 year old daughter also declared dead that night. Ye Dashu, who was on duty in the emergency department in the evening, witnessed the rescue process, he said: "it’s too bad! Two corpse three life ah!" At that time, Ma’s husband is almost crazy, has been crying her daughter’s name. It is understood that the Ma home Weidong District East High Street Huang Dong Zhuang, the day after dinner, Ma with her daughter to go out for a walk, but in the vicinity of Dongping, road traffic accident. After the incident, the car escaped. At noon yesterday, the reporter was removed and the deceased husband Wu made contact, ask if you need help from the media, he cried on the phone said: "the police have been involved in the investigation, give my wife a blessing, let her go on the road!" (Pingdingshan evening news reporter Wang Chunxia) a Chengdu law related video: female master escapes dumb: I don’t understand the traffic law related reading: 15 year old "fly" car hit a pedestrian escape down the traffic police of Zhumadian high truck accident 4 cement pole root breaking our machine driving tractor hit a motorcycle escape after motorcycle driving people died in Henan recommended: Video Contest: Eleven golden week to go? The annual national day drama – where will be staged, is expected seven days a small holiday is coming, what are you going to do? Will you make eleven informative video sharing with us! [collection] public number delivery: public concern number: Yu hong. Please specify the author’s name, telephone number and other personal information. QQ (mailbox) delivery: 1464759747 (@qq) link delivery: upload video to Tencent video, the link to us on ok! [active time] with immediate effect – October 10th [sincere words adventure] Go alone with Me! What do you want to say to the person you love? In life we all have an invisible secret, an irreversible regret, an impossible dream and an unforgettable love. Daily topic, invite you to "wave"! "True words big adventure" column address > > scan two-dimensional code download news client anytime, anywhere to watch news! Today’s hot: Henan dagongmei monthly income of 3000 yuan in guangzhou.相关的主题文章: