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Please give the female female judges to judge the burden line – Sohu comments from the beginning of November 23rd, photos of judge Wang Qingqing embrace her sick daughter case "of Lushan Mountain in Henan County Court tribunal of two people, in the WeChat group and the thermal circle of friends. While sleeping sick daughter arms, one side is a 27 year old female judge office desk, this composition is not common in the mainstream media. Also because of this from the colleagues hand to capture the photos show the working state of a basic judge true, harvest countless praise. Indeed, such a scene: whether it is enough to be moved "grand context of justice", or "judicial corruption" negative public opinion, can not stop this picture conveys the "energy". But moved over, we should ask: a basic judge is so difficult, who burdens for them? The first line of grassroots judges hardships, from its workload is evident. The "people’s court" newspaper reported that the Zhejiang provincial high court president Qi Qi said: in 2014, three Zhejiang provincial court line judge handling the case closed 187 per capita. According to the "Legal Daily" reported that the first 9 months of this year, the Shenzhen Baoan District court cases received more than 5.8 pieces, up more than 3.5 pieces per capita, line judge received 466 cases, closed 292 per capita. In the first 9 months of this year, only Shanghai, Pudong New Area, the court received a new case reached a record of 101 thousand. Coastal developed areas, inland areas? To judge Wang Qingqing and the Lushan Mountain county court as an example, since November 2014, Wang Qingqing served as a judge for the case of nearly 300, in 2014 the average case about 100 pieces of each judge. In the first 10 months of this year, Lushan Mountain County Court accepted the case has doubled in 2014. No accident, Wang Qingqing this year will be much more than last year. 200 cases per person per year means what? Even the weekend and holiday break, to every one and a half days for the case. And for each case, have to contact the parties, arrange the hearing, check evidence, write and serve the referee documents. Don’t forget, the judge can not only work in handling the case, there are all kinds of meetings, all kinds of learning examination. Each year, the newly enacted law, the new judicial interpretation, it takes time to digest. In this way, each judge in each case on the time left? Time and energy can not be guaranteed, and how to ensure the quality of handling it? With the full implementation of the registration system, the number of cases will continue to grow rapidly. The number of judges, if continue to be constrained by the current constraints on the preparation, the short term will not increase significantly. It is almost certain that the work pressure of the judges will be bigger and bigger. Anyone has the limits of work. The number of cases has greatly affected China’s judicial efficiency and judicial quality. In fact, less than the case, judge overload, underpaid is not only legal problems in the field of judicial reform should seize the source, but also the key. Judicial independence and particularity, the court and the judge can not simply compare the income of the executive. According to the social reality, the dynamic adjustment of the court相关的主题文章: