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Poverty alleviation dinner drink Moutai, not just drink ugly August 4th, the Zhoukou Municipal Bureau of education to help the poor condolences to Xiangcheng, after the end of the dinner to participate in poverty alleviation, Xiangcheng aspects of the preparation of five boxes of Moutai hospitality. Deputy director of Zhoukou Municipal Bureau of education Gao Yumin drunk and under dispute, and strike violently. 26, the Henan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Zhoukou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin, the Education Bureau of Zhoukou city party secretary Zhang Xuecheng and other 3 people were administrative dismissal, many people have been treated. "Poor dinner", Moutai is preparing the 5 light box, which makes the public confused about "poverty alleviation" two words: the front foot of poverty alleviation, eating and drinking, this "help" what is "poor"? Higher levels of government officials to help condolences to the following, the local also condolences to them, sympathy is not too high cost? Engage in such a grand "poverty relief activities," the pursuit of poverty, or "poverty" form? If it’s an expensive dinner consumption, to give poor people timely assistance rather than to higher officials, "perfect", will be better? Zhoukou City Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin, Zhoukou Municipal Education Bureau, Xiangcheng municipal government serious illegal use of high-grade tobacco, in violation of the provisions of eight. And out of the party and government level, this dinner may not exist. Even after the sympathy to the meal, you can eat a meal. At the end of the day, eating and drinking in poverty on the way, it is ironic. It should be said that this ultimately rely on this kind of official fight "episode" is accidentally exposed, but also regret: essentially, "poverty alleviation after vigorously is the key problem of public funds banquets.相关的主题文章: