Pregnant with a trace to follow! Chen He Zhang Zixuan suspected parental

Pregnant with a trace to follow! Chen He Zhang Zixuan Zhang Zixuan Chen suspected parental guidance (map) entertainment news in late October 23rd 8, Chen drying out a "hand in hand" in the micro-blog pictures, and with the text "thanksgiving" to celebrate his and Zhang Zixuan’s baby born. It is reported that Zhang Zixuan was born in Shanghai on the morning of 23 daughters, baby six pounds of 62, mother and daughter peace. Chen sun daughter hand as friends in micro-blog offer uncharacteristically blessing, but there are a lot of friends said good news come suddenly. Zhang Zixuan has been a very low profile during pregnancy, although it was photographed several times suspected of birth and abdominal examination, but usually the United States according to the sun, did not see the appearance of pregnancy. Finishing two people broke the news, you can find that Zhang Zixuan pregnancy is also a trace to follow. During the Spring Festival this year, Zhang Zixuan was accompanied by Chen to return to his hometown in Fujian, met Chen parents; in February, a netizen in a hospital to see Zhang Zixuan alone to do blood tests, suspected pregnant just. It was February, a netizen said to see two people in the Changning District Civil Affairs Bureau of Shanghai City, suspected the licensing of marriage, the media interview Chen, each broker said: do not know, do not respond to. But the media learned from the informant, two people do have a licensing, suspected parental guidance.相关的主题文章: