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Marketing When I say supplement your in.e, you probably think I mean "get a second job", right? You’d be wrong! I mean use the popular trend of dietary supplements to increase your monthly affiliate in.e. The dietary supplement industry is huge right now, with people around the world eager to use modern science and ancient herbal remedies to improve their health. Dietary supplements are especially big in America. Face it, for most Americans a little pill or drop of vitamin elixir is far more appealing than all that dieting and exercise nonsense. Everyone loves an easy fix, and you could provide that for them. Having your own brand of supplement would be the ideal solution, but not many people have the time or knowledge to partner up with a lab and make that happen. The next best thing is to partner with an affiliate program. The dietary supplement arena is a playing field you have to be a little careful on. Because it deals with supplements that can affect people’s health, you want to go the extra mile before you get started. What do I mean by go the extra mile? First do your homework. Make sure the supplement .pany you partner with is reputable! This is easy to check in this Internet age – look for .plaints against them online, make sure they list their ingredients somewhere on their site, and make sure they have a way for customers to contact them directly. After all of that, make sure they have plenty of plain language disclaimers posted on their site that people experiencing serious health problems need to see their doctor. Most of those things do three things – they protect the supplement maker, they protect the customer and they protect you. The ingredients list and the contact information are the most important things on that list – you want people with allergies to know what is in the supplements, and you want people with problems to call the supplement .pany, not you! Once you’ve gotten the logistics figured out, what can supplements do for your in.e? They can create a huge in.e stream for you. If you know how to find and package private label supplements to sell as your own brand, you are looking at a $5 per bottle cost with a $50 per bottle sale price. Nice, isn’t it? That’s a healthy chunk of change right there, that can quickly add up. Even if you don’t want to get into the legalities and hassle of private label supplements, you can be.e an affiliate for an established .pany, most of which pay around 50% of each sale to their affiliates, plus residual in.e for repeat customers – you are still looking at nearly $25 a sale, for doing nothing more than sending people their way. If you market it right (and if you’ve been listening to my advice, you will) you could be looking at a healthy monthly in.e. So don’t be afraid to supplement your in.e with supplements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: