.puter Repair Tips On Formatting The Pc-yezimei

Hardware Most of the .puter users wish to have a smooth running of the .puter. They want a flawless running and a speedy performance of the .puter. But the performance of the .puter sometimes depends on some issues and if these are not properly handled the performance of the .puter hampers. Sometimes problems like constant crashes and other strange behavior of the .puter continues to happen. Sometimes you cannot start up your PC at all. You keep on trying again and again with the same result of failure. When you notice that your .puter is not booting up from the hard drive, formatting the hard drive .pletely and installing the operating system again is the best solutions offered by the .puter repair experts. For formatting the .puter you will need to follow some .puter repair tips. At the very first make sure that you have taken back up for all the important data, documents, files and folders and saved it to another .puter or to any flash drive. You will now need to turn on the PC and open the CD or DVD drive. Now you will need to insert the operating system CD that .es up with your .puter. If you dont have the CD or if you have lost it, you can get the same from the manufacturer shops. You will need to remember the simple fact that these sorts of operating system CDs are designed for the particular type of systems and you will need to make sure that they are .patible. .puter repair technicians now suggest turning your .puter off once the CD tray is closed after you have inserted the CD. Its time to restart your .puter. Reboot your .puter and wait for the message on your .puter screen saying press any key to boot from CD. Once you have seen the message you will need to press any key on the keyboard. If you cannot see any message saying press any key to boot from CD, you will need to look for the message Press X for setup. You will need to press the said key to enter to the setup. Once you are in the setup, you will need to look for the option boot order. You will need to change the boot order in a way so that the boot starts from the CD first. Actually the .mand will force the .puter to start the boot from the CD first. Now allow the .puter to boot from the CD. .puter repair experts suggest that you should follow the instructions in the prompt to format the hard drive of the PC. Follow the prompt order and format the PC and install the operating system to your .puter. Now you will need to look for the license key of the operating system. When you will be prompted to enter the operating system license key enter it to the directed place. The license key can be found on the top or side of the .puter. Install any other software you will need to have. Make sure that you have run the necessary windows updates. This will ensure your .puter security. Now restart your .puter and you are on the go. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: