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Q treasure view activities focus on two dimensional code to focus on more welfare free enjoy [the twenty-fourth stations of Q treasure vanguard activities of big Su net] – the start of parent-child view activities! We offer a spacious and comfortable theme theater! The focus is free! Fried chicken cool wood! The original price is 1314 yuan! Now there’s a good chance to come for free! Q Bao pioneer fans exclusive ~ registration: according to the following format, to participate in the information sent to the WeChat public number backstage Movie + name + age + child contact for example: Film + left green +7+15767678989 registration deadline: October 14, 2016 5 pm (WeChat scan this two dimensional code to enroll in the event details: oh) viewing time: 5 pm October 15, 2016 collection address: Nanjing Gulou District of Beijing East Road City Plaza, No. 1 Catherine Amy 1895 cinema free places: 17 families (only one parent with a child Oh) children age: 4 – 12 years old in the notes: 1, this event is free, Tencent Su net mom and dad do not charge any fees (popcorn, cola to pay Oh). 2, the day to the scene of the children will automatically become the Q treasure pioneer of the big Soviet network, enjoy the Q treasure family activities. 3, because of the rare opportunity, the quota is limited, the registered users must come to participate in the activities! If a small dove Q family, later will not be able to participate in all activities!!! 4, the film is selected by the three departments of the staff on the scene, and the minority is subordinate to the majority. 5. The final interpretation right is owned by the Tencent.

Q宝观影活动召集中 关注二维码更多福利免费享【大苏网Q宝先锋活动第二十四站】—— 亲子观影活动开始啦!我们提供宽敞舒适的主题影院!重点是免费哦!炒鸡炫酷有木有!原价1314元!!现在有个好机会可以免费来!Q宝先锋粉丝专享哦~报名方式:按照如下格式,把参与信息发到微信公众号后台 电影+孩子姓名+年龄+联系方式 举个栗子:电影+左青+7+15767678989报名截止日期:2016年10月14日下午5点(微信扫描此二维码即可报名参加哦)活动详情:观影时间:2016年10月15日下午5点集合地址:南京市鼓楼区北京东路1号凯瑟琳广场艾米1895影院免费名额:17户家庭(仅限一位家长带一位孩子哦)孩子年龄:4—12岁参与须知:1、本次活动为免费活动,腾讯大苏网不会收取爸爸妈妈们任何费用(爆米花、可乐需要自费哦)。2、当天到场的小朋友将自动成为大苏网Q宝先锋的会员,享受以后的Q宝亲子活动。3、由于机会难得,名额有限,报名通过的网友必须到场参与活动!如果放小Q鸽子的家庭,将无法参与后期的一切活动!!!4、电影是工作人员现场选三部给家长选的,采用少数服从多数方式。5、最终解释权归腾讯大苏网所有相关的主题文章: