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Qi: Chinese first day boat one cargo spacecraft launch next year – Sohu news Beijing Baoding in November 14,   (Lv Zihao Yu Junliang) 14, Qi Chinese Academy of Engineering in Baoding city first middle school held "academicians and experts forum said," to be 5 tons of cargo to the space "Chinese the first cargo ship" boat one day "will be launched in 2017. So, now used by the spacecraft carrying capacity constraints, one can only carry 3 astronauts and 300 kilograms of goods. Astronauts to work in the space station for a long time, it is necessary to reserve a large amount of food, water, oxygen and backup materials, to be able to send a few tons of goods. Qi Faren disclosed that at present, China long march rocket number five has reached 25 tons in low earth orbit and geostationary transfer orbit carrying capacity of 14 tons. Will be launched next year (2017) of China cargo ship "day boat one", can be 5 tons of cargo to space. According to the plan, China will launch the space station core module in 2018. To 2020, will be composed of the core module, test module, node module, manned spacecraft and cargo ships weighing 80 ton space station. Until 2024, the United States and Russia and other countries led by the international space station after retirement, China will become the world’s only space station. It is reported that day boat one cargo ship is a cargo ship which is being developed in China, mainly for the future of China’s space station in orbit to provide supply support. Qi Faren, space technology experts, first chief designer of the Shenzhou spacecraft. 1957 graduated from Beijing Institute of aeronautics. 1968 to enter the China Institute of space technology in the development of satellites and spacecraft, served as vice president of the Institute, Dean, served as the chief designer of a number of satellites and spacecraft. China Institute of space technology. International Academy of Astronautics, ninth, the tenth and the Eleventh CPPCC National committee. 2001 was elected academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering.相关的主题文章: