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Qiao Renliang suddenly died He Jiong, Li Yifeng, etc. have been mourning – Sohu entertainment suddenly died Sohu entertainment news 16 evening, there are friends broke the news that the star of Shanghai in the accident died in the accident in, said the death of people. Police train – Shanghai "administrative micro-blog issued a document called the" September 16th night at 18:21, Putuo police received the alarm, said Qi Shun Road Taopu area of a residential building with a man’s death. After receiving the report, police rushed to the scene investigation and disposal. After investigation, the death of the man for Joe Moumou (male, 28 years old, Shanghai people). After forensic identification, has ruled out homicide, the specific cause of death is under investigation". Soon after, Qiao Renliang’s boss in the circle of friends issued a document to determine the suspected Qiao Renliang’s death, "OK, all the way, Qiao Renliang confirmed the news of the death. The news is confirmed, He Jiong, Annie Yi, Amber Kuo, Zhang Han, Xu Lu, Li Yifeng, Fu Xinbo, Joker and other stars have made micro-blog tribute to He Jiong He Jiong: "I don’t believe it." Annie Yi Annie Yi: "be quiet, don’t talk about other people’s privacy as entertainment. You don’t know how much pain you will bring to the people and to those who love him. You don’t know, no one should take the blame for others, because every life is not easy, behind the bright. Good man, you, also good, rest." Amber Kuo Amber Kuo: "Joe, take"   Li Chen Li Chen NIC: "brother… Well….. […] candle this crazy twisted world, please give a little respect for the dead last…".   left the presenters left: "let the dead rest in peace, may the living point mouth!" Song Xiaobo Song Xiaobo: "I don’t believe in Qiao Renliang……" Ring screenwriter, producer of the TV series?. Can only sigh. Remind yourself: life will be happy now". Zhaxi Dunzhu Zhaxi Dunzhu: "everything in the world, in addition to the dead, which is not a pile. – you so please spare it, don’t consume him! Don’t discredit him! Now with the hands! For him to a sentence? Mani Padme Kouxie?! Li Yifeng Li Yifeng: "I don’t want to believe… Please respect him to protect his family in the dead don’t find him any news." Quan Ren Quan Ren: "brother all the way, when filming you said elder brother I want to eat a handful of pills to sleep, asked me if I was depressed ah, every day to drink so much coffee" Jing Bairan Jing Bairan: "sorry, can’t believe, until now still reluctant to believe, please respect him." Fu Xinbo Fu Xinbo: "the whole people are now ignorant, to hear the news until now I do not believe, do not dare to believe, don’t want to believe it, my heart is more uncomfortable now but do not want to understand clearly why two days ago said together, in Shanghai? In the end why?" Joker Joker: "thank you to join my hotel, thank you when I was hurt and help me push the wheelchair, thank you when I’m recording to my visit, thank you for helping me to promote my music, but I can’t figure相关的主题文章: