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Qiao Renliang’s death: comment on the quiet: stop mourning and stop snooping and quietly mourn for the young man who brought you happiness and hope. Qiao Renliang (information) Yangtze Evening News 16, star Qiao Renliang died unexpectedly, the first cause of death in the rumor to draw too much attention and even lead to micro-blog search, was paralyzed, the circle of friends brush was bombed, but later quickly verify the person because of depression and suicide, and rumor. Those who don’t even know who Qiao Renliang is, what is the masterpiece of netizens began another round of shuabing. The stars usually give people the impression of people is very bright, unapproachable, halo shining, what to think they will be due to depression and unable to extricate themselves, everyone is startled Qiao Renliang before the sun handsome, after all, he is still very young, the future, the future is still a wide road, but because of all kinds of difficulties the situation was depression ridden. In particular, like Han Han also in favor of the rare release of micro-blog in the first time: a lot of people have a different side. You may not understand the depression of the people of the world, people who laugh before the door may not be happy. Treasure what you love and love what you do, what you don’t understand and what you don’t understand. This view has been tens of thousands of netizens agree, there are many stars in the micro-blog issued a document called the leedy, don’t look for news from this thing. Finally, I would like to say, stop prying, and quietly mourn for the young man who brought us happiness and hope. Don’t put the "protection" into "two harm" Qiao Renliang accidental death after the news, the so-called "celebrity protection" to the masses more than doubling the melon curiosity caused by inquiry, the cause of death is shrouded in moral kidnapping and circle of friends network. After Qiao Renliang regret leaving, he used to judge the red but "allure four little" Li Yifeng and Jing Bairan, the entertainment has been challenged as large disguised murder seven years ";" bestie friendship "and Qiao Renliang Joe Chen for not the first time in the network to send condolences and regret, was also scold miserably; the discussion said, whether from SM or depression, dead also have to be respected…… The dead is great, but the "protection" under the hubbub, the "moral kidnapping two times, inadvertently hurt" the glint and flash of cold steel. Brokers said depression had a great impact on Qiao Renliang, who had experienced cyber violence that plagued him. The so-called front, Qiao Renliang had also experienced the last time ", many people still think in extreme grief" instead of "good habits" he refused, but the "network violence" imposed on those who don’t even know who Qiao Renliang is the people. You said, in the entertainment star, who has no heart scar? There is no strong heart, how to deal with bad comments and questions? Who’s growing, not accompanied by wind and rain a journey? But I want to say, want to self-examination, vigilance, not "violence" are not aware of. Sometimes, silence and silence means more respect than opinion leaders. With the "red soul stone" artists at the age of 28, Qiao Renliang died suddenly, indeed regrettable. His company issued a statement, referring to the past two years, the public misunderstanding and media attitude Qiao Renliang pressure, depression. For the media to say相关的主题文章: