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Qiu Xinzhi Li Yifeng Yang Ziyan award Sun Qian Zhen Huan body – Sohu entertainment Qiu Xinzhi Li Yifeng Award for Qiu Xinzhi and Yang Ziyan Sohu entertainment news of the twenty-fifth Film Festival opened in Tangshan, bringing together a number of celebrities. Actor Qiu Xinzhi dressed in red wine suits with the famous performing artist Tian Hua teacher together into the red carpet, and at the party personally for the small meat Li Yifeng Award for best supporting actor. In addition, in the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in cooperation "Jing Fei goddess" Yang Ziyan and "Hibiscus Xi aunt sun Qian in the red carpet together, two beauty fit how a beauty word! Fresh meat and meat with small awards you more meal which generation guy? In just the end of the hit TV series "new vagabondize", a love hate "Qiu type villain" "chief Kazuma church" Qiu Xinzhi in the film festival, and the famous performing artist Tian Hua teacher together into the red carpet, Qiu Xinzhi wearing a scarlet suit low and the pursuit of quality, with elegant classic white shirt tie, collocation, show the charm of a mature man. The following awards, Qiu Xinzhi also personally gave Li Yifeng the best supporting actor award, fresh meat and meat on the same stage, the two generation of different aesthetic handsome, you which one more meal? At the same time, the new movie "starring Qiu Xinzhi" Dou odd injustice is finished, in the film, Qiu Xinzhi turned Faure Mo Chur, led the audience to identify grievances, punish the shameless, it is reported that the film is expected to release a strong next year. Yang Zi red carpet glamour cited scream sun Qian Zhen Huan CP by recombinant "King consort goddess" Yang Ziyan dressed in a dark green dress dress, small dew shoulder clavicle, feminine, and collocation exquisite makeup, makes the film festival red carpet has a different kind of poetry, attracted the audience screaming "the empress is so beautiful it!". Coincidentally, in the star Rest Area, Yang Ziyan had also met together, in the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" in the "Hibiscus Xi aunt sun Qian, two recombinant CP how a beautiful word is beautiful enough to feast the eyes! It is worth mentioning that Yang Ziyan also starred as guest performers dance show "love", representative of the old Shanghai young actress, wearing a high fork cheongsam, and male singer different time touch, noble and elegant. Chinese award is the oldest and most mass based film awards for history, the 25 session of the China Film Festival ended, witnessed the "hundred flowers" belonging ", also saw the beautiful handsome beautiful enough to feast the eyes". Also look forward to the same old bone Qiu Xinzhi and Yang Ziyan in the future there will be more exciting film works!相关的主题文章: