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Benefits of SMO in Google 2010 Architecture SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. This is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization. It involves optimizing your business by using social sites, blogs, online communities etc. It is a smart aspect of website architecture. The concept involves driving traffic without spending money. The links are created on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and other sites of similar nature. SMO Categories There are two ways through which Social Media Optimization can be incorporated on a website for a business. It can either be directly facilitated through really simple syndication (RSS) feeds, sharing social news through sharing buttons and introducing videos or images. The other method includes reverting to promotional activities like blogging, group discussions, status updating on social networks. These methods are implemented without using money for search engine advertising. Search Engine Marketing and SMO Though SMO is related to search engine marketing it actually goes beyond it. Since Quality SMO Service involves driving traffic from sites other than search engines it helps in upgrading the search ranking. It is a form of viral marketing. The word is spread through social networks between unrelated net users by videos, image sharing websites, bookmarking websites. Blogging using RSS feeds also caters to the same objective. A well-constructed website can achieve SMO with ease and success. Methods to achieve SMO A yardstick to measure popularity of a website is to create and measure the links both inbound and outbound. Creating inbound links augments search engine ranking and internet presence. Blogs and sites which lead back to your site should be created. Bookmarking and tagging are important as well. A simple content feature can be added to bookmark popular social sites that lead to your site. This increases the top-of-mind recollection which in turn would benefit your business. Ways to Enhance SMO You can also include allowing usage of your websites contents and allowing your contents to move. The visitors of your website should be able to use the content in your website for their benefit. A classic example of this is YouTube where videos and images are accessed by net users for their own utility. Moreover, if your website can convert content into PDF or jpegs or mpegs the content on your web can transcend to your target market. Also, links can be created on your movable content which will ensure increase in traffic by tracing back your website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: