Quanzhou 4 hours at 23 km occupation buyers overseas shopping is not easy wetnwild

Quanzhou 4 hours at 23 km occupation buyers overseas shopping is not easy (micro-blog) in November 10 Quanzhou network news (reporter Li Jingwen Figure) in Quanzhou, speaking of "double 11", we think more about the brand clothing brand, sports, and even happiness Street wholesale market, but little attention had a group called "buyers" of the people. "Double 11" before the arrival of the Quanzhou occupation team has rushed to the foreign buyer, for "double 11" procurement. Quanzhou foreign buyers busy 4 hours around 23 kilometers. No. 7, "miss SoloShot" boarded the aircraft flying to South Korea, less than 30 years of her most of the time in the English "walk", had done years of occupation of buyers, and opened two shop, mainly to overseas countries buy brand goods on weekdays. The trip to South Korea, mainly in order to double 11 for procurement, the store will do some promotional activities. The morning of the two day, South Korea mall opened, she began the daily busy work, take goods, price, broadcast, WeChat and micro-blog in reply to the buyer, purchasing, replenishment…… "Every day I do not know how many roads to go, and constantly turn around in the mall." She sent a reporter to a sports APP screenshot, 4 hours to go the road of 22.89 km. These two days, because too busy, she even forgot to eat. Until last night, that they have no food for two days, to the convenience store to buy a box of instant noodles. "Busy to forget, do not feel hungry at all." She said. From her back to the photos you can see, South Korea duty-free shopping malls, long queues. In fact, not only is the "double 11", every time I go abroad to buy all is an uphill battle. Occupation buyers: "we are not so in love with" double 11 "Quanzhou buyers in fact is not too small, but we know this group of people in Quanzhou is really not much. Most of my customers are from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities." She said. In fact, some buyers do not love that occupation "double 11", for them, the buyer is not much profit, simply can not do 50 percent off promotions like other commodities, not to mention the ultra low price group purchase. However, customers always ask "double 11" there is no activity, in order to meet the customer psychology, they also have to "follow the crowd", in addition, some of the inventory of goods will be at this time with a discount. Insiders said that the Quanzhou people actually had to accept overseas purchasing, but pay more attention to the purchase price and the authenticity of goods, some ordinary purchasing buyers to Hongkong, Japan, South Korea is staring at the merchandise discount, but not so keen on the new. Such as "SoloShot" of the occupation of high-end buyers, more inclined to recommend some personalized, commercial taste, and not just looking at price. After the "double 11" and "black Friday" and "BLACK FRIDAY" also known as "black Friday black five". There will be a large number of merchandise discounts from Thanksgiving (November 27th) to Christmas (December 24th) for nearly a month. For the occupation of Quanzhou buyers, "black five" is more important day. "Black five" arrived, occupation buyers purchase every day;相关的主题文章: