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Re transaction! Send to Portland Miami Roberts do not have to pay the luxury tax – Sohu Sports 2 GMT April 19 news, from the "Sports" famous reporter who reported Mr worner, informed sources, Miami will guard Brian Roberts and 1 a future second round picks to the blazers. After 3 days of 3 deals, the heat finally reduced the payroll this season to below the luxury tax. It was the second deal the heat did on the deadline, sending Roberts away for $6 million for pat Riley’s team. Roberts, who changed his club second times this week, was sent to Miami by Sherlock on Wednesday for three deals in the Hornets, Miami and grizzlies. Today, the heat was sent to Portland. Roberts, 30, has played 30 games for the Hornets this season, averaging 11.1 minutes, averaging 4.8 points, 1.3 assists, and 1 rebounds. Now, the heat doesn’t have to pay luxury tax, and it frees up 2 players. And for the Blazers, their biggest achievement today is to get the draft they want, and the total salary of the team to meet the league’s minimum line. Before the three party deal with the Cavaliers and the magic, the Blazers got 1 protected first round 2018 round tickets from Cleveland. Miami’s current record is 29 wins and 24 losses, ranking fifth in the East, while the Blazers ranked seventh in the West with 27 wins and 27 losses. (Jim)

再交易!热火送罗伯茨至开拓者 不必缴纳奢侈税-搜狐体育  北京时间2月19日消息,来自《雅虎体育》著名记者阿德里安-沃纳洛夫斯基的报道称,消息灵通人士透露,热火队将后卫布莱恩-罗伯茨和1个未来次轮选秀权送去开拓者队。3天3笔交易后,热火队终于将本赛季薪金总额降至奢侈税以下。   这是热火队在交易截止日完成的第2笔交易,送走罗伯茨为帕特-莱利的球队节省了600万美元。   罗伯茨本周第2次更换东家,周三在黄蜂队、热火队和灰熊队的三方交易中,他被夏洛特送去迈阿密。如今,又被热火队送去波特兰。   现年30岁的罗伯茨本赛季一共为黄蜂队打了30场球,场均出场11.1分钟交出4.8分1.3助攻1.0篮板的数据。现在的情况是,热火队已无需缴纳奢侈税,同时腾出了2个球员名额。   而对开拓者队来说,他们今天最大的收获是得到了想要的选秀权,以及球队薪金总额达到联盟规定的最低线。之前与骑士队和魔术队的三方交易,开拓者队从克利夫兰得到1个受保护的2018年首轮签。   热火队目前的战绩是29胜24负排在东部第5位,而开拓者队以27胜27负位列西部第7位。(jim)相关的主题文章: