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"Red" the prime suspect Yang Xiuzhu surrendered after 13 years on the run – multinational Beijing – yesterday, at the BeiJing Capital Airport, the suspect Yang Xiuzhu stepped off the plane to return to surrender. Xinhua news agency data source: CCTV news JINGWAH times cartography Xie Yao yesterday at 3 pm, flight AA263 flying from Dallas landing at BeiJing Capital Airport, "hundreds of red" ladykiller, former deputy director of the Construction Department of Zhejiang province Yang Xiuzhu stepped off the plane. The ladder, spanning 13 years, after the multinational fugitive ended. JINGWAH Times reporter Sha Xueliang Yang Xiuzhu justice is a major victory for China’s anti-corruption international pursuit ZhuiZang work. Her arrest is not only the Chinese anti-corruption work of international fugitives stolen goods marks the achievement, but also a major achievement for law enforcement cooperation in the next step, the two sides will continue to pursue cooperation surplus assets involved. – National Bureau of Corruption Prevention deputy director Liu Jianchao informed the multinational fugitive for 13 years the prime suspect surrendered yesterday, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website news, in the overall coordination of the central anti-corruption Coordination Group Office of the international pursuit of stolen goods, the relevant departments of the central government and the Zhejiang Provincial Office in pursuit of close cooperation, "hundreds of red" number one the suspect Yang Xiuzhu returned to surrender. This is the thirty-seventh to "hundreds of red pass personnel". Yang Xiuzhu, female, born in 1946, former deputy director of the Construction Department of Zhejiang Province, on suspicion of corruption crime, Interpol red warrant number A-745 7-2003. In April 2003, Yang Xiuzhu was informed that the crime after his flight, has fled to Singapore, France, Holland, Italy. In the meantime, Yang Xiuzhu also to France, Holland has proposed asylum application. After the application was rejected by the relevant countries, Yang Xiuzhu fled to the United States in May 2014 and again put forward asylum application. Since 2014, the central anti-corruption coordination group under the leadership of the central office to co-ordinate all aspects of the pursuit of power, the active use of foreign affairs, judicial, law enforcement, anti money laundering and anti-corruption and other channels of cooperation, continue to maintain the Yang Xiuzhu high-pressure situation, at the same time I introduce relevant policies to Yang Xiuzhu, to persuade them to give up resistance, surrendered to law leniency. She is from the initial "die" in the United States, to "return the idea", eventually withdrawn "refuge" application, make a decision to surrender. So far, she has been away for 13 years. As of September 2016, China has been from more than 70 countries and regions to recover the flight personnel 2210 people, including 363 national staff, ZhuiZang 7 billion 994 million yuan. At present, the "hundred red pass personnel has 37 people arrested. – Secret Yang Xiuzhu is to be persuaded to return? Because the younger brother fled with her daughter Yang Xiuzhu fled overseas bribery incident in January 1995 in Zhejiang Province, vice mayor of Wenzhou City, in 1998 the Zhejiang Provincial Department of construction party members, deputy director. Yang served as vice mayor of Wenzhou during the alleged corruption, bribery crime. February 2003, the Zhejiang provincial procuratorate investigation of Wenzhou Railway Real estate development company, deputy general manager Yang Guangrong alleged bribery case.相关的主题文章: