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Software An increase in cyber crimes and hacking activities has made the security of .puters an area of concern. You may be surprised to know that certain software available in the market are capable of recording every keystroke made by you on your .puter. Yes, we are referring to keyloggers! Keylogger software refers to a spyware which records every keystroke made by the user on his/her .puter. This includes activities such as internet browsing, working on personal projects which incorporate sensitive information or even writing emails. The recorded information is delivered to a specific remote host. You could consider the software to be an equivalent of Big Brother who keeps a watch on every single move of yours! Do you intend to tolerate the breach of your privacy? Therefore, to end the cyber-spying you would need to install counter software which can find and remove keyloggers from your personal .puter. However for the removal of key loggers, we need to find out their hideout. Keylogger removal software scans through the .puter for finding out the files which exhibit the .mon keylogger behavior. After the files are found out, they are removed from the system. Several anti-virus programs and .puter registry cleaners are not capable of finding a .plete array of keylogger programs which might be hiding inside your .puter system. Therefore to remove keyloggers of all kinds, you need to use software which specializes in identification and removal of different kinds of keylogger programs. The software can be easily purchased and downloaded. Before making the purchase of any software, you need to research carefully about it. Majority of reputed software providers allow customer feedback over their websites. Besides this, many .panies offer a free trial version of the software. This also helps the customer in making sure that a program can remove keyloggers or not. Moreover, you need to ensure that the software is run on regular basis to remove keyloggers. The anti-keylogger software must be run at least once in a week to ensure security to your .puters privacy. How can you tolerate that all your private activities are monitored by a spy? So use efficient anti-keylogger software and get back the privacy of your .puter! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: