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Travel-and-Leisure Explore Miamis Attractions during a Family Vacation Miami is known all over the world for the beautiful beaches and incredible opportunities of having fun on a vacation. The Niki Beach or the Hallandale Beach are two fantastic places where you can get a fabulous tan or you can practice beach baseball games. During you future Miami vacation you can opt to visit one of the citys museums or you can try a park activity with your kids. You can try snorkeling or scuba diving to the Crandon Park Marina, a place that has a wide range of water related activities to offer for you and your family. At the Miami Seaquarium you will find wonderful attractions suitable for adults and children alike, featuring a large number of marine creatures including killer whales and dolphins. The Miami Metrozoo has several zoological gardens and around 900 species of animals and thus this place is a must see for everyone who is visiting this city. Getting a Miami Vacation Package Many people from all over the world dream to visit Miami and its fabulous beaches and usually, the costs for this type of vacations can be a little bit expensive. But in case that you know how to look for the dreamed vacation, you can get an amazing Miami vacation which wont ruin your budget. The best option you have is to browse the vacation packages and pick the one that can offer you the accommodation, the meals and the airfare included. In addition to that, you may also add to your package various other extra activities or tours for you, your friends or your family, things that can make you a more relaxing and undisturbed stay. Another good way to save if you are on a budget is to pay a single price for all the aspects of your vacation and this way, you will get a good discount especially if you are booking everything from the same travel agency. Nightlife on a Miami Vacation Miami boasts some of the most vibrant nightspots in the world, with club lovers filling the streets all night long. For those who are looking for endless fun at nights during a Miami vacation, there is the Design District full of good live music and extreme party action. Numerous Miami lounges and dance clubs open their doors as the evening falls over the beaches and you can be a part of one of the dance parties that gather young people and not only. You can enjoy a large music selection and dance in the Miamis downtown, from amazing blues bands to fantastic live jazz. You can have an extraordinary experience at the Little Havana, where you can discover the mixed magic of the Latin and Afro-Cuban rhythms and rumba rap. West of the Miami Bay area, you can try the nightclubs that play Brazilian funk tunes, indie rock, classic new wave and electro-pop all night long. Best Events to Attend During Your Miami Vacation A Miami vacation is not just about incredible beaches and lazy days under the torrid sun. There are countless cultural events to attend in Miami and the arts are a very important part of the fame Miami has worldwide. If you are looking for a dose of artistic nights, then visit the opera shows, concerts, ballet performances, symphonies, museum tours and many such fabulous festivals. The Miami cultural nights have starry appeal as many international performers come and perform regularly to the large cheering of audiences. Most of the events are taking place in Miami on an annual basis, such as the Miami Museum Month, the Redland International Orchid Festival, the Miami Nice Triathlon and the South Florida Boat Show. Festivals like the Italian Film Festival, the Miami international Wine Fair, and the Miami Fashion Festival are held during one of the peak seasons, in the fall and if you book in advance, you get chance to participate as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: