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UnCategorized Always find yourself short of cash or in debt because of unnecessary or impulse buys. There are certain people who cannot control such a behavior and they cannot leave a store or shop without bringing a small item for that matter. I have to admit that controlling such takes a lot of discipline and self control. I will provide here some helpful ways to get yourself started in taking charge of your wallet. I have to admit shopping gives you a certain feeling of high. But that high is just a temporary feeling of pleasure. When you do window shopping, leave your wallet at home so that you won’t get to spend a cent unless you really need something. Otherwise, if you don’t need to buy anything but just go to the mall for some window shopping, I suggest that you don’t bring any money along with you to avoid spending. Most people especially women usually shop in groups with friends. There have been studies that show that people spend more when shopping in groups rather than when shopping by themselves though there are those people who shop alone. Go with someone who is not a big shopper. It is better to pay in cash than on credit. There are some people who get into debt because they frequently use their credit card without thinking that they are already spending money the moment the card is swiped. When the billing statement arrives you have to pay for it one way or another. Try to avoid the shops that you cannot avoid leaving without making a purchase. When you need to buy something make sure that you only buy that particular item and avoid going to other stores and shops where you will be tempted to make impulse buys. Of importance also is for you to be able to distinguish between a need and a want. A need is a necessary purchase while a want is something you could just forego. So, you may need shoes but it doesn’t have to be in the most expensive brand right? You could always purchase something within your price range or budget as long as it is durable and in good quality. Do not force yourself to buying things that you do not necessarily need. Always think twice even thrice before heading off to the nearest counter to pay. Always think of what forthcoming expenses you need to pay. Save for a rainy day for untoward incidents or for instances when you need an emergency fund. It is all about taking control of your emotions and having a sense of self-discipline. You cannot expect to change overnight but with strong will and determination you can do it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: