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Russian Captain Marvel: Chinese navy ship "heart" not a little oil "Sino Russian joint exercise in close cooperation, joint action to implement efficient. Chinese navy officers and soldiers show high professional quality." 17, the Russian Pacific Fleet "fierce" missile destroyer captain. Captain Sergei told reporters in Chinese navy ship in Guangzhou, talked to the Sino Russian joint maritime – 2016 "military exercises and China Navy impression. According to the arrangement of the exercise plan, Sergei served as chief of staff of the red fleet first. "This is a very high degree of combat." Sergei believes that the real embodiment of exercise is an important aspect of military command, and in the exercise either from the exercise of the organization or the set of accounts, let him feel the strong real taste". This is the second time that Sergei has come to China to take part in joint exercises. In 2014, he as the Russian Pacific Fleet "Nirvana Weiss admiral" landing ship captain in Russia joint maritime – 2014 "military exercises. With the maritime Lianyan in China and Russia, the exercise for the first time in red and blue "back to back" confrontation. "We don’t know anything about the blue side action plan, both of which are independent." Sergei said that this is consistent with the actual situation. "In the set of subjects, the joint use of weapons to fire on the sea target, unmanned aircraft, Joint Stereo took control of coral reefs in the tanks and armored vehicles, collaborative action in joint anti submarine joint anti submarine…… These are closely related with the actual combat." Sergei said. In addition, "every soldier in the reporting situation, work instructions, accept orders in accordance with the standards of war". Sergei said, it can be said that the concept of combat throughout the whole exercise, and even throughout the officers and men in the usual work. The joint action, the first Sino Russian joint maritime command information system. "This is a very advanced and effective system." Sergei said, on this platform, and all the combat elements of the battlefield situation all appear completely, at a glance, greatly shorten the data collection, data processing, the commander can be quickly determined, the organization and implementation of action. Let Sergei impressive there are many small details, which is also an important reason for his high evaluation of the Chinese navy officers and soldiers. Before the exercise, Sergei was invited to visit the Guangzhou ship cabin. "The engine room is clean and tidy, and the turbines, internal combustion engines and other equipment are not greasy." Sergei is amazing. "It’s hard to imagine how you did it!" He said. The ship cabin is the ‘heart’, see you so love your ‘heart’, you can imagine Chinese sailors dedication and professionalism." As a navy captain, Sergei attaches great importance to the officers and men on their own equipment to take care of. "If you don’t take care of your ship, you are not a good sailors, such forces are unable to win the war." Every year, Sergei will participate in a number of military exercises, including Russia’s domestic organizations, but also with other countries to conduct joint exercises. In a joint exercise with other countries, he believes that the joint military exercises with China, is the deepest joint"相关的主题文章: