Russian media -6k China has a short fuse of a new type of war needs to be able to bring nuclear weap dingxiangwuyuetian

Russian media: Chinese detonation -6K has a short board to take nuclear detonation warfare model – Sohu military channel data figure: air force -6K aircraft conducted training in detonation. Reference News Network reported on September 24th: Russian media said that the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Air Force headquarters confirmed that the development of new strategic bombers, Chinese military publications and literature had also mentioned this project. For the China air force in the future flagship machine features and application fields, the Russian military expert Vasily Kashin wrote a review for? The Russian satellite news agency, the Russian satellite network in September 9th published the article. The article said that currently being developed Chinese boom -6K bombers, this is the first special Chinese long-range bombers can use medium range cruise and can carry other precision guided weapons. The aircraft is equipped with modern radio equipment for electronic equipment, Russian engine range increased, but it can not be called a part of nuclear Chinese three-in-one worthy of the name, because it did not meet the necessary requirements to curb U.S. nuclear forces. Carrying nuclear weapons for combat duty flying ability is the most important performance bomber nuclear deterrent, the number of bombers in the air and standby for missile preparations, likely to minimize the pre emptive enemy. But at the same time, Russia and the United States may use the cold war in the old mutual containment of bombers, only gradually update its avionics and cruise missile carrying strategic cruise missile aircraft may not be able to resist the air defense system. Between Russia and the United States is so vast, no human habitation in the Arctic, the planes above rarely encounter threats. The article said that the situation in China is completely different. In order to fight the US, Chinese bombers should fly over a range of islands and then wait for a command to use weapons over the Pacific Ocean, which could be a massive confrontation with the United States and its allies. The detonation speed of the -6K bomber is low, and it is easy to be detected as a cruise missile launching platform. It can play an important role in the regional conflict, but it is not suitable for nuclear containment. The article said that China needs high-speed long-range bombers, need to be equipped with a powerful electronic warfare system, and as far as possible not to be found by enemy radar. The design of this kind of aircraft is an extremely complex technical task, according to some scattered data, Chinese has developed the American B-2 bomber version. And Russia’s similar projects now seem to be shelved, and now the production of -160 improved bomber (Figure -160M) is more important. Figure -160M will be equipped with a new type of electronic systems and improved engine, generally considered, this helps to reduce the cost of a relatively remote bomber. Because of the large size and high speed, there is a lot of space to improve the structure of the -160, and China does not have such a model can be further improved. The article said that China had more than once to obtain Soviet research achievements in this field, attempts to obtain Russian chart -22M3 data and prototype, has also repeatedly want to stay in Ukraine in 1990s the number of aircraft -160 bombers, but were not fruitless. In addition, China is also worth noting that it is possible to use bombers overseas, like Russia’s figure -160 and figure -95 using cruise missiles.相关的主题文章: