Russian officials the end of the year will supply 4 Su fighter jets to China

Russian officials: by the end of 35 China supply 4 Sukhoi fighters data figure: Russian fighter Su 35 original title: the chief executive of the Russian Khabarovsk region said: China supply Su -35 fighter of the chief executive of Russia’s Khabarovsk region in September 15th, Vyacheslav shport the Amur Krai Komsomolsk aircraft factory new opening ceremony on the factory before the end of the year to China supply 4 Su -35 aircraft. Shport said: "during the period from 2016 to 2018, city of Komsomolsk on Amur aircraft factory in accordance with the provisions of the Chinese for the production and delivery of 24 Sukhoi -35 aircraft. This year plans to supply 4 aircraft to china." Earlier reports said, 4++ behalf of the Soviet Union -35 multi-purpose fighter supply contract signed in 2015. 4++ generation refers to the overall performance of the Soviet Union is very close to the fifth generation fighter aircraft, in addition to stealth technology and active electronic scanning array, to meet the majority of the requirements of the fifth generation fighter. Many experts believe that the Soviet Union and Russia -35 aircraft may become a powerful opponent of F-15, European fighter and fighter jets. The fighter is better than that of NATO’s fifth generation of military aircraft. In addition, experts pointed out that the Russian aircraft is not inferior to the Best Western fourth generation fighter. The speed of the Soviet Union’s -35 and the huge weapon load make it capable of over the horizon, and the mobility of the aircraft and electronic warfare equipment to help avoid enemy missiles. The Russian Air Force currently has 48 Su -35 fighter, but the number of the next 5 years will be more than doubled. Russian fighters are also popular overseas, Algeria, Egypt, Venezuela and Vietnam are also the potential buyers of the aircraft.相关的主题文章: