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Security Although having a burglar alarm fitted to your home will provide you with peace of mind it also means that statistically you are much less likely to be broken into. People who do not have an alarm system installed at their homes are three times as likely to have their homes broken into .pared to those that do. What is important when you do have a system installed it that you arrange for the .pany installing it to provide you with a certificate for having home burglar alarm installed. One of the main reasons to get them to provide you with a certificate is that you can then present a copy to your insurance provider who will be able to hold this with their records. Often by having such a certificate when it .es to renewing your policy in the future you may well find that you get a much larger discount on the premiums you are currently paying them. Not only does the certificate stand for security and cost savings but it stands for the good .pany you chose. When it .es to looking for a good .pany to install your home burglar alarm system there are certain factors that you should be taking into consideration. Below we will take a quick look at some of the .panies you may want to consider for installing your alarm system. Most likely you will recognize the name of our first .pany which is ADT Home Security. They have good burglar alarm systems and provide another great benefit if for some odd reason you are not satisfied. Their guarantee is, within the first six months, you are not happy with their system, they will refund what you had to pay to have it installed and the cost of monitoring the system too. Check this out and see if it applies in your area. Our next home security system .pany is Guardian Home Security with their two backup generators for their central monitoring site. This way you know all the hardware and software that makes the monitoring site work will keep right on working in case of loss of power and for quite some time, too. Not only do they have good backup but their monitoring is done by their own in-house people and not outsourced to some other .pany. Honeywell Home Security Systems – With this .pany you have a number of different options to choose from and you can understand how important having a good quality system in your home is. For example the keypads that they install have illuminated keys so even in the dark you are able to read them easily. Plus the functions and display features on their systems are easy to understand and use. Each of the above offer good quality systems. Regardless of what is said here or elsewhere online you should do your own research because no one knows just what features are best to protect your home. Look around and .pare the features of each to see how they meet your needs and lifestyle. Whichever .pany you finally end up with be sure to get that certificate for having home burglar alarm system within your home. Presenting a copy of this to your insurance .pany could well find you getting up to twenty percent off your insurance payments. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: