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Science fiction film "Star" extension project of famous screenwriter zhangxiaobei served as director of the new net – recently, the State Administration of Radio Film Bureau released the screenplay for the record for the new list, the list of science fiction project get together, which suffering from attention "tuoxing" movie impressively. "Star" to lead the local extension of science fiction "tide diffuse change" by Tencent tuoxing pictures jointly with the Beijing Ten Cultural Development Co. Ltd. produced, film adaptation of original science fiction adventure comics, set in the human world of the future began to come out of the earth, the earth in search of the new world by the alien colonists known as the "star extension". The film is based on this, showing the alien immigrants, the waste earth world, the worst is not the environment, is the heart of the theme concept. In September 17th, the Tencent’s annual conference pictures released more about "tuoxing" news, the film will serve as directed by renowned film critic, screenwriter zhangxiaobei. Zhangxiaobei served as "Lee adventures", "man" films such as the screenwriter, "Lee adventures" nominated Directors Guild Award for Best Screenplay Chinese. By Zhang Xiaobei as the screenwriter of the ball lightning, is one of the representative works of Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin, has a high popularity in the minds of science fiction fans. In previous interviews, the film with nearly 20 years of people, all the time to reveal the love of science fiction. Now he has got his surgeon directed work opportunities, not surprisingly the director’s first choice science fiction. "Extension" of the star comics on the network already has a good reputation, but also the director Zhang Xiaobei made the film screenwriter beam. For many years focused on science fiction IP zhangxiaobei first directed by confidence because of love, of science fiction in early 2014, Zhang Xiaobei founded the Beijing Ten Cultural Development Co. Ltd., will focus on science fiction and fantasy to create IP. Ten core members are from the former "culture" and "the tenth screening room, tuoxing" as the team’s debut, hope to give the audience different from Hollywood style, China’s own science fiction film. When referring to the "Top Star" current progress, Zhang Xiaobei said in June last year ten with the Tencent established a cooperation intention, because the two sides of the film to the demands of the more consistent, so the early development is faster than the general film project, the script has entered the modification phase, and all aspects of the preparatory in March 2, is expected next year, will officially start. When it comes to the same as science fiction IP "body" project ran aground, zhangxiaobei also admitted that the breakthrough science fiction film content production has always been his wish to become a movie, a way of earning money is not the main purpose. "As long as we passed, the wire will become the single plank bridge, slowly becomes a bridge, it slowly becomes a road, just walk past, the road proved feasible, behind some people will follow, because our market, we need here to stay."相关的主题文章: