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In September a typhoon will affect coastal storm surge disasters will bring – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Jia Ting) yesterday morning, reporters from the National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center was informed by the La Nina effect, the Western Pacific typhoon attack concentrated outbreak. It is expected that in September there will be 5-6 typhoon generation, of which 3-4 affect China’s offshore, and will bring storm surges, waves and other marine disasters in China’s coastal waters. According to the national marine environmental forecasting center chief forecaster Jiang Hua introduced in 2016 July, the central and eastern equatorial Pacific has entered the state of La Nina, is expected in autumn and winter will become a medium weak La nina. Affected by the La Nina, beginning in July the typhoon increased significantly, as of now, a total of 11 typhoons, especially since August, the typhoon concentrated outbreak, there have been 7 typhoon formation. In August, China’s coastal Landing Typhoon No. 1604 "Nida" and No. 1608 "electric mother". As of now, in August this year, the number of typhoon than normal (5.8) side, but is the sea to affect coastal type, number of slightly less, with the annual number of landing (2) the same. Is expected in late August 1610 typhoon "Lion Rock" will be the first to move to the West southwest direction, near the East China Sea, the latter will far away from the coastal waters of china. "Lion mountain" slower moving speed, is expected from August 25th to September 1st will give China’s East China Sea in the east to bring greater wind and waves process. At the same time as the "Lion Rock" is relatively far from the mainland of China, and the influence of the astronomical tide during the low coastal area of our country does not appear obvious typhoon storm surge process. Around the end of August, the Pacific Northwest will also have 1-2 a new generation of typhoon, but the path to the sea to. In addition, the influence of La Nina, the autumn typhoon may too much. It is expected that in September there will be 5-6 typhoon generation, slightly more than a year, the impact of China’s coastal waters for the typhoon 3-4, 2-3 of which affect the South China Sea, 1-2 affect the East China sea. Special attention should be paid to the astronomical tide in mid September, during which there is a typhoon landing, the storm surge will be more serious. The National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center suggest that September coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holiday eve, the number of tourists in coastal areas, coastal tourism related units please do the deployment of ocean disaster prevention work, ensure the safe and orderly coastal tourism.相关的主题文章: