Shandong multi sectoral joint prevention and control of atmospheric pollution can save 6 million 810-diamondprox

Shandong department to the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution can save 6 million 810 thousand tons of standard coal in Shandong environmental protection played a combination of boxing, special rectification of air pollution in key areas and key links, and achieved remarkable results. According to reports, this year, the province’s industrial "green power" the smooth implementation of the plan, eight city scheduling has built 1390 industrial green power projects, the annual savings of 6 million 810 thousand tons of standard coal, 17 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The quality supervision departments have been found more than 1400 problems of oil enterprises, shut down banned 21 undocumented, illegal production and operation of enterprises and 984 gas station, shutting down ban rate reached 100%. The total quality of Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality supervision division Ji said the problems found by the method, the enterprise after rectification, each city quality inspection bureau to review their acceptance of the rectification of the situation, they can ensure the production stable and continuous production of qualified products in addition, Shandong has also started to upgrade the quality of coal and energy saving stoves promotion plan. Provincial Coal Industry Bureau of economic operation director Tang Xianyi said, is a good use of coal stove, so that the entire people to use coal, its emissions can meet quality standards, can achieve good effect, can be useful for air pollution prevention. In the dust and car exhaust governance, Shandong above scale construction site dust control measures for the implementation rate of 97%, more than 100 million square meters of city greening bare land, complete old vehicles eliminated before the end of the task assigned by the state. Provincial Public Security Bureau deputy director Wang Jincheng said, "we will also actively seek the possible introduction of some subsidy policy, encourage the masses from the elimination of old vehicles".

山东多部门联手防治大气污染 可节约681万吨标煤   山东打出环保组合拳,专项整治大气污染重点领域和关键环节,取得明显成效。   据报道,今年以来,全省工业“绿动力”计划顺利实施,调度的八个市已建成1390个工业绿动力项目,每年可节约681万吨标煤,减排1700万吨二氧化碳。质监部门还排查出1400多家存在问题的成品油企业,关停取缔了21家无证照、非法生产经营企业和984家加油站,关停取缔率达到100%。   山东省质监局总质量师纪德法表示,发现的问题经过企业整改之后,各个市质检局要对他们整改的情况进行复查验收,确保他们的生产环节能够稳定连续的生产合格的产品   此外,山东还启动煤炭质量升级和节能环保炉具推广计划。   省煤炭工业局经济运行处处长汤先仪表示,就是好炉用好煤,这样整个达到老百姓使用的煤炭,它的排放能达到质量标准要求,能够取得好的效果,能对大气污染防治起到一定作用。   在扬尘和汽车尾气治理方面,山东规模以上建筑工地扬尘治理措施落实率达到97%,实现1亿多平方米城市裸露土地的绿化,年底前完成国家下达的老旧车辆淘汰任务。   省公安厅副厅长王金城表示,“我们也将积极争取有关方面尽可能出台一些补助的政策,鼓励广大群众来自觉地淘汰老旧车辆”。相关的主题文章: