Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Nanning Fengxiang branch opens-mmhouse

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Nanning branch of Fengxiang, Nanning branch, President Wu Changlu and Fengxiang branch Shen Weidong president opened for the branch, September 20th, Pudong Development Bank Nanning Fengxiang branch opened. Fengxiang branch is located in Nanning City, Qingxiu District Fengxiang Road shops along the street, No. 6 in the morning, the branch held a brief opening ceremony. Nanning branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, President Wu Changlu and Fengxiang branch of Shen Weidong jointly opened the opening of the sub branch. Nanning branch of the department heads, Nanning City branch of the president and Fengxiang branch of the staff attended the ceremony. Liu Zhanpeng, vice president of Nanning branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, made a speech at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that the establishment of Fengxiang branch, is the Nanning branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank actively respond to the network miniaturization, specialization, intelligent development trend, enhance the value creation ability of the network, and further promote the network transformation of the new attempt. He asked Fengxiang branch to start after the customer centered, solid financial services to promote the branch into a branch to establish brand image of a new window. Fengxiang branch president Shen Weidong said, after opening, Fengxiang branch will comply with the law, to speed up financial innovation, improve financial services, focusing on customers, to promote the transformation of development, committed to providing people with better quality, efficient financial services. It is reported that the Fengxiang branch is the thirteenth branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Nanning branch set up in the region, since 2005 in Guangxi, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank always adhere to the concept of Inclusive Finance, in order to promote the network construction, in order to open up the thinking and unremittingly efforts for the development of the financial industry in Guangxi, the people live and work in peace to offer their wisdom, branches have been gradually including the completion of the physical outlets, self-service terminals, online banking, mobile phone bank, WeChat bank, the telephone banking, multi-channel service system, and strive to build support for local economic development and bigger and stronger business win-win pattern!

浦发银行南宁凤翔支行开业 南宁分行吴长路行长与凤翔支行沈卫东行长为支行开业揭牌   9月20日,浦发银行南宁凤翔支行开业。凤翔支行位于南宁市青秀区凤翔路6号沿街商铺,当日上午,支行举行了简短而热烈的开业仪式。浦发银行南宁分行吴长路行长和凤翔支行沈卫东行长共同为支行开业揭牌。南宁分行各部门负责人、南宁同城各支行行长及凤翔支行全体员工出席了仪式。   浦发银行南宁分行刘展鹏副行长在开业仪式上致辞。他指出,凤翔支行的设立,是浦发银行南宁分行积极响应网点小型化、专业化、智能化的发展趋势,提升网点的价值创造能力,深入推进网点转型的崭新尝试。他要求凤翔支行开业后要以客户为中心,扎实推进各项金融服务,把支行打造成为树立分行企业品牌形象的又一个崭新窗口。   凤翔支行沈卫东行长表示,开业后,凤翔支行将依法合规经营,加快金融创新,完善金融服务,聚焦客户,推动转型发展,致力于为民众提供更加优质、高效的金融服务。   据悉,凤翔支行是浦发银行南宁分行在区内设立的第13家支行,自2005年进驻广西以来,浦发银行始终坚持普惠金融理念,有序推进网点建设,以开拓的思维和坚持不懈的努力,为广西金融事业的发展,百姓安居乐业奉献着自己的智慧,分行已逐渐建成了包括物理网点、自助终端、网上银行、手机银行、微信银行、电话银行等在内的多渠道服务体系,努力打造支持地方经济发展和做大做强自身业务的双赢格局!相关的主题文章: