Shanghai student sports competition results can be used as the basis for college entrance examinatio xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Shanghai sports games, the results can be used as the entrance points of Shanghai city based on the 2016 student movement will be opened on October 18th. The total university group, primary and secondary vocational school group, three groups. In addition the number of applicants is the last substantial increase in competition, project settings, the student movement will also add the dragon boat, sailing, curling and other projects. It is worth noting that the current student Games in the country to take the lead in online registration and entry scores, the data will be collected for the use of high school entrance examination reform comprehensive evaluation of the quality of real data support. Curling, figure skating has become the new project the Students Sports University set the 27 large and 304 small, primary and secondary schools to set the 26 large and 525 small, vocational school group has 5 large and 37 small. As of now, a total of nearly million university students from 52 schools competed for the primary and secondary group, a total of more than 14000 students from the city’s 16 districts and counties of 852 schools competed, the vocational school group from 56 School of nearly 5000 students in the secondary vocational schools competed. In the competition project settings, the university students sports group added the dragon boat, shuttlecock, cricket, aerobics, three chess cards (chess, chess, chess, bridge Chinese) and other non Olympic Games, national games. School group added baseball and softball, hockey, sailing, aerobics, chess, chess, chess, bridge, dragon boat, curling, skating and other 12 young students loved the sport. In addition, the current student sports games in the University team also opened the entrance channel for foreign students, students can enroll in martial arts, dragon boat, table tennis, badminton four events. The data will import all student information database it is worth noting that the student movement will take the lead in online registration of the way in the national scope, opens up a precedent of digital management in large games on students. According to reports, the digital management for students of sports experience, the skill level of the whole process of information management, for the students’ comprehensive quality evaluation of college entrance examination reform and exploration, provide abundant and real data support, will promote the core work of the far-reaching impact. Municipal Sports Bureau inspector Guo Bei said that the current competition in the strict qualification review links, increase the intensity of qualification. Competition Department developed a special application software, the unified management of the athletes to participate in the qualification. 850 primary and secondary schools nearly 15000 students’ personal information, including name, school, age, photos and other information, all electronic and manual proofreading two times. These information can be prevented and practise fraud, on the other hand will match results and real records of students, "student information database and the information will import all the board of education, further education evaluation can be used as a data basis." In addition, as the event held every four years, the results of the Shanghai student Games can be used as a basis for the evaluation of athletes and college entrance examination scores. To this end, the Organizing Committee for each student to participate in the production of a certificate of entry, each entry card identifies the name, photo, gender, birth date, on behalf of schools, projects, groups, etc.相关的主题文章: