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Shen | from " to " contemporary art; " nihility " commercialization of _ about contemporary art collection _ Sina _ flange Western Academy · Claire (Jean Clair) served as the director of the museum curator Picasso "and" Pompidou Cultural Arts Center "painting department, has published 40 department work, winter and launched his new book" angel’s part in the press "Martha gartley. This book, as an art historian, he observed the world with clear philosophical views, especially in modern art, stern asserts: "" contemporary art "is" Nihility "commercialization". Claire bluntly criticized by the terrorist attack in early January this year due to rising, renowned circulation of more than one million copies of the French "Charlie" magazine, pointed out that this is now illustrated from its predecessor "hara-kiri weekly" intention to aesthetic politics, exposed a violent brush "". He risked today France universal condemnation claimed: "in any case, I wouldn’t call myself Charlie." Claire lamented, in today’s world, everything was around the material production operation, there is no salvation "angel’s share", will eventually lead to a major disaster. Specific to the global art situation, he believes that the art market and people of today’s traditional draw further apart. First of all, the value of the works are inverted. Once a piece of commercial speculation, the real value of the problem. The market will be attributed to a "product", it will be at its absolute emptiness to the price listed in a very short period of time, the rapid appreciation of. Geoff · queens "Balloon Dog" as an example. The big red dog is only fair bowel twisting playground mylar balloon and the same magnification, model six copies, each priced as high as tens of millions of dollars, more than · the best painting works of Finch. In the eyes of Claire, this is turning upside down. "Angel’s share" became a "devil’s style", and the latter is the nothingness of the bank debt securitization market system based on 2008 to 2009 fruits, as the hedge fund bubble finally burst in the end. Talk about the "contemporary art market, he felt that the market system is operated by a handful of tycoon, about twenty global giants, three or four dealers, two or three trading hall, but the country through which the museum to insurance. The authorities only to National Museum in the name of exhibition held several meaningless objects, using the national gold reserves to purchase this unreliable claims to provide financial guarantees. When Picasso, Matisse, Chagall Bonnard and a museum collection of paintings as zhenguanzhibao, Geoff Koons, Pohl Aars Ki, · Kapoor, or Hearst generation in, so there is a department of the supernatant. This is a group of modern artists rely on, it is difficult for ordinary people to stop their behavior. Paul · Mccarthy "tree" · Queen of the vagina, the American contemporary artist, ·,; the shape of the anal plug of the works of.相关的主题文章: