Sister tease Messi Tucao Ronaldo dog competition Xu Jiayin to win the whole class-diying

Funny sister Tucao: Messi C Ronaldo dog competition Xu Jiayin to the whole class to win Messi’s dog grow fast! Hello, everyone, today is Friday! Yao Ming fat AI finally inducted into the hall of fame, Austrian fat personally for old friends, Yao Ming put on a symbol of the hall of fame members of the orange jacket, AI also true thanks to every teammate… At this moment all the fans a lot less fighting, more than some of the youth with ~ well, come and take a look at today’s sister tease! If you have a funny joke and Tucao please remember to watch more sports @ funny sister, sister tease Tucao, click to download the sina sports client > > time and again come out, sister tease in micro platform! Welcome new and old readers, fans from all walks of life and fun together to talk about sports, Kan Dashan, gossip! Scan two-dimensional code or search micro signal: sportsfunnygirl fast sweep ———————————- Manchester United with dogs for young teachers…… Rush Forde recently raised two French Bulldog, but his neighbors are complaining about the two dogs too noisy, and rush, and no time to stay at home to take care of them. So the club invited two experts in this area to the two French Bulldog training, rush home, in order to share the teenager’s troubles. The two method must not lose two teddy… Belly laughing: "@ and homework, dogs, next time to send someone to help you…" @ 9893 comic: "one word, jiquanshengtian @ Lijiang noise, male:" it seems that United have pulled the master as the future legend." The Smurfs Silva: so pull the master of the day to talk about a girlfriend, how to deal with the club?" Go to the north pole to see penguins: Mesut Ozil with the paragraph!" ———————————- however, this is the difference between young and star… Messi and C Luo tell you, what is: my dog I raise ~ expression consistent… The dog looks too fast = = @REI eclipse child: "Messi into heaven every day to feed the dog…" Hedgehog control: second Messi: how long so big? A face of life without love……" The three year old map @ wetted the bed: "can, Labrador and Bordeaux mastiff are not small, can be a war…" @Santiago47: "but look at ins and feel that Sanchez can always put a dog out of the house…" Li Ziliang: "Isko dog Messi, these dogs are what they call…" ———————————- Ferdinand: do the brave man! Your opposite is the opening axe or hammer it, since I stand! Oh I go!! You can’t make people think you’re scared! 5 seconds after their own… @ muffled fortune. "Carlos is really bored to kick…" It is summer morning @ – freak show up: "Bart is eating too much?" @REI10 Southern China does not flash the king: "~相关的主题文章: