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SEO Mister Wong is one of the most popular European social bookmarking sites on the internet. The social bookmarking platform on Mister Wong is similar to Delicious. It was established by German company in March 2006. The president of Mister Wong site is Kai Tietjen. The site is available in different languages including English, German, Chinese, and etc. Before you share your bookmarks at Mister Wong, you must create an account with them. After creating an account, you should update the profile page. It is important to update the profile page so that users know your identity. Updating the profile page also prove that you are a serious member at the site. To update the profile page, click on your username. Under Profile, click on the Click here to edit link. In the Last name, you should enter your last name. In the First name field, you should enter your first name. In the Organization field, you should enter the company name. In the Location field, you should enter the location of your company for example, New York City, New York. If you have a skype account, you can enter the username in the Skype field. In the WWW field, you should enter the URL to your site. When you are done, you should click on the Continue button. In the Profile Image page, you can upload your photo for the avatar. You should use a professional photo to establish your identity. For example, the photo can be you wearing a formal suit. The face should be in the middle of the photo frame. The photo can be presented in a horizontal, portrait or square format. It is best if you use a passport size photo which has a dimension size of 150 x 200. The maximum dimension of the photo is 200 x 200 pixels. If you are a company, you can use the company logo. To upload an image, you should click on the Upload Image button. To submit a bookmark, click on the Save button on the gray navigation bar. In the URL field, you should enter the URL of the website. Mister Wong accepts the URL in 3 formats including ., https://, and ftp://. Next, you must enter a title in the Title field. The title must briefly describe the content. The maximum word count for the title is 100 characters. After that, you must write a description to tell visitors what the content is about. The description should be kept as brief as possible. The limit of the word count for the description is 200 characters. You will have to add tags to the post so that it will be easily found by the visitors. The tags should be relevant to the posts. Mister Wong allows you to share all your bookmarked posts on Twitter. By checking the share Twitter checkbox, your posts will be automatically posted to your Twitter account. You can also install and use the Mister Wong toolbar to submit a bookmark. The toolbar offers two options to bookmark. One is redirecting you to another page. The other is to submit a bookmark through a pop up window. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: